Businessman Donald Trump: 'Lock him up!' Before he fucks up something else! /POLITICAL AVENUE/ Important: The Kremlin's envoy for Syria on Tuesday called Turkey's military offensive in northeast Syria "unacceptable" and denied Ankara's operation had been cleared by Moscow in advance.In a tweet, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Tex.) seized on the president’s complaint about the United States being stuck in an “endless war.”
“Situation when we were there: relative peace. We leave: -Turkey attacks our Kurdish allies -shoots artillery at US troops -bombs a prison where ISIS fighters already escaped. -ISIS car bomb in Qamishli. That’s just day one. Which scenario looks more like an endless war?” Crenshaw said.

To Crenshaw: Now Republicans are getting tired of Trump too. In Sweden this Sunday morning our state radio channel P1 said that
this was the biggest betrayal in military history!

[Operator translation:
You provided security. Then removed it. It was not a war in that zone. ...
And what about condemn the Turkish attack.
For a spectator or observer it seems like Trump WANTS to harm the Kurdish people!
And the Turks: They ain't getting so much shit, as France would have gotten, if doing the same eeeh ... -shit.

Please practice on telling the Kurdish children why it became like this...
First you ask the Kurd's to fight Islamic State with you - then you abandon them - when knowing CLEARLY what will happen to them if you do that!
So to put it mildly - Can someone explain what the Turks now are doing in Syria? -Expanding their territory??? At the cost of other peoples lifes?
Is Trump your Supreme Military Commander - he ain't even have basic military skills or knowledge - ..he is a civilian !
Let me repeat: “Situation when we were there: relative peace." ]

Will the United States do this to their other allies? Or their NATO partners? It might turn out that other nations no longer can trust Americans, since common sense ain't the guiding tool when USA operates on the world stage.

I would like to rather not write this, but Trumps 'latest' military decision could put him in the category 'crimes against humanity' -although mildly, but... that is not a good thing.
Sometimes things are good as they are and you don't have to change anything.
So why does Americans follow a stupid, as things turned out, evil leader?
You (who are Americans) answer that question!

Trump should not involve himself in the military business - because he makes shitty decisions that kills thousands of people! It's time to put Trump aside.


USA asked the Kurd's to fight ISIS for them. So they did. And now the Kurd's are watching over 10.000 ISIS warriors in their detention centers. And now USA are abandoning the Kurd's and let Turkey crush them. Fuck what assholes you are America! You are a joke with professional equipment! Erdogan are battling Kurd's as Hitler battled Jews, even though his atrocities haven't reached as far yet.
See this TV-clip about all this:
I'm sorry to say it, but Mr. George W. Bush would NOT have made that decision!
Example of Bush talk : "—Freedom was attacked this morning and freedom will be defended!".

Ey' Trump - you're out - you only think about yourself and where you are going to be. You don't care for the little Chinese farmer or the Kurd's - actually, you don't care for anyone except yourself. It's all about you! Trump golf club, Trump Building, Trump trump trump. And dump him before it's gets worse.

'Lock him up!' Before he fucks up something else! /POLITICAL AVENUE/