CRIMINALS: Murder investigation launched after video of woman's death found on dropped memory card in street.

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Brian Steven Smith is charged with murder, since he took footage of his strangling of a women!

A digital memory card found on a street in the state of Alaska contained videos of a woman being strangled to death, and also pictures of her, with her face down, in the back of a truck, according to the police.

The Anchorage Police Department believe that human remains found along a highway earlier this month, are those of that particular woman.

Authorities said they are working on identifying her and her cause of death.

The Police arrested Brian Steven Smith, 48 years old, on Tuesday.

Smith had a brief court appearance on Wednesday were the prosecutor did not wish to enter a plea bargain.

A judge said he would appoint for Smith a public defender when Smith said he could not afford a lawyer.

Deputy District Attorney Brittany L. Dunlop said the process calls for the case to be brought before a grand jury. The investigation continues.

A charging document filed by the Department of Law and based on a review of the investigation so far graphically describes the images and videos on the card, which someone last week reported finding on a street in Anchorage.

The card contained 39 images and 12 videos, the document states.

The videos show the woman being strangled, with a man's voice in one saying "just ... die," according to the document.

There are pictures of the woman under a blanket on a hotel luggage cart near a truck he document states.

Police spokesman MJ Thim said police believe Smith recorded the events himself. He said police believe the killing occurred in early September.

Smith lives in Anchorage but comes from South Africa, Thim said.

Police that was reviewing the footage remembered Smith from earlier, who has an accent, from another investigation, and found he was registered in early September to a room at a local hotel, whose carpet matched that in the footage.

They also tracked vehicle and cellphone recordings in the start of their Police investigation.

It seems that Brian Steven Smith have fucked up his life now! Bye-bye... You won't get it back! -So long!

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