*Listen to the vocals in this background song
(wait a minute or so until it kicks in)*

The song text is about UFO visitors communicating with Earthlings.
They never give up - just like they never did in the Creation.
Another way to put it - the song text is about your mistakes.

The possibility of ETI species having a supreme IQ is high. Considering the fact that life on earth began very recently on the time scale since the big bang, and there could be other planets, that sustained life, much before our planet. Billions of years ahead even.

Do you know anything about personalities and uniforms ? Look at the stripes on this mans arm above. He is not a novice amateur, likely to produce lies at work.
We reason exactly like this :
If this man SAYS HE SAW a mile-wide UFO, HE SAW A MILE-WIDE UFO. That's what he saw, alright. No hallucinations or daydreams. He tells what HE SAW when flying.

The article really says FLYING not -lying. LEFT part of this old newspage is missing.

*Listen to the vocals in this background song (wait a minute or so until it kicks in)*
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And on this intellectual website.

The song text is about UFO's in control, coming from another world, not connected to the Universe or life as you know it, talking to humans!
-They said we where the new beginning...
-They said we where a brand new breed...
-They said we were getting smarter...
-We were none of these things...
They said so many things but they said we could sing, so we sang about falling in love...(!)
(We did all wrong things, but we hope we done good!)

*Just TRY TO listen to it*

...and see if you get the big picture?

They are "just" UFO'S!

Consider yourself one of the intellectuals who have found this place. Congratulations ! Would you like to join The Strike Team ?


(Dock area for planetary & close-space scout shuttles)

Taken from the InterGalactic Ship The Little Bird.

Here are some secret documents from NORAD [ North American Aerospace Defense Command / from the 60's / ] :

Soviet Vehicles in Earth orbit as of 6 April - 1964:

This conversation got -intercepted- on Facebook over a year ago.

Mentioned here only, due the UFO topic on this page.
Not everyone on this planet are into religion obviously.

Some people seem to be quite modern and not ancient shaped.
You just read for yourselves, Sir's & Gentlemen, it's quite intelligent actually, please check closely below and you see for yourself :

Kyle Lee
Do you think that a contact with intelligent lifeform from another planet would be the final nail in the coffin for religion?

????? ?????
No, they would say God sent aliens to punish us for our sins.

Sagar Naravane
No. According to them the Universe was created by a god. So that makes aliens his creation as well. You can't argue with the stupid.

Paul Parker Nah
They'd claim the aliens were god's plan too. Fuckers...

The possibility of ETI species having a supreme IQ is high. Considering the fact that life on earth began very recently on the time scale since the big bang, and there could be other planets, that sustained life, much before our planet. Billions of years ahead even.
So, earth and earthlings would be very primitive from their perspective. Just like how we view the neanderthals. For example this world is filled with people that tries to correct their life in front of others, with the help of a lie thrown in their face.
The concept of religion would make no sense whatsoever for those species, who've probably conquered their near galaxy and happy colonized all-over it long ago. Establishing contact with us would make no sense at all to them, because we're way beyond understanding their realms of life. Just because you have a brain or a mind, you ain't intelligent. Here on Earth intelligent means that you can read and do basic math. Not really understand the underlying causes behind the big bang or Uncle Big Bang himself.

Marian Zmigrodzki
Radicals will claim that the aliens are created by US government.
Or possibly claim we should colonize them and make our slaves because God is on our side xD..

Jochem De Vries
No. We have put so many nails in their coffins, scientists are still trying to understand what keeps them alive.

Satyajit Ray
In fact I see a new religion popping up!

Nawshaad Rahat
Just hope that "intelligent lifeform" wouldn't be religious if they're, we are fucked again.

Political Avenue
You know, most of the religions on Earth, was formed when the world was still a flat world, opposite to the round planet world, we live in today.
And at the end of the flat world they lived in, oh yes, there was an end to the world, and there was a cliff where you could fall down, out of the world. *Ouch*
They really believed the world was flat, although the moon and sun was round. And their religion was formed around Gods that were humanoid in shape and form and lived like them.
Not around cool Cyborgs or flipped AI's with telepathic beams...

Al-Adrian Geronimo Dazo Might be a start of a new religion.
The aliens might see the religious fervor of many people and take advantage of it in order for them to control humanity.
They will start a new religion. And have us the humans worship them or they'll kill us.

Like the Necromongers ... (Chronicles of Riddick).
- Convert or Die.

Political Avenue
The old ancient SunGod and the 'great rainforest spirit' says both as a reply to you Sir : -IF you convert, you die, motherfucking sucker !
And then they add : - Keep sending us mental lifepower stupid Earthling farmer, or you will feel our wrath !!

So you better watch out. Evil spirits can be dangerous for those unaware of them.
Just as a tip - Sir!

Just a COOL picture (it's fake, but obviously pretty good made, what you say? Cool to see a ship on the moon; ) :
Look at the crosshairs in the picture... Like space cameras have. Professional to keep them on image!

-And- if you wonder about the 'knock on wood' repeated in the song = it's a drawn cartoon = Woody Woodpecker(!) ... -He never gives up...
I suggest, under the circumstances, handed or given to us, you act the same!
If you believe in life where-ever it is found, that is.

Whatever that is happening globally, it has been hard on everyone mentally!

-And that's true! ( -If you are a thinker... and somewhat older, you should have noticed the difference between decades passing by already. )
Or are you one of those that don't notice that the powers that supported life 30 years ago have changed ?

By the way:
*Check This UFO-pic*
It's really some kind of ... ehhh --- light .. (?) ....

Brought you this ship image here, because it got some flashy lights too, but it's not exactly a UFO...
But I would still like one! Wouldn't you too?
One could have a great party on-board !
Alcohol-free of course.
Only protein-shakes blended with minerals and lemonjuice.

Fuck Off !


Here a picture from above the sun: The helioviewer sun bridge tunnel entrance.

Look what you can do when colonizing Indian land :

But you should colonize the moon instead of planet Mars.
Of several reasons.

-It's closer, so it doesn't have to be a one way trip !
-We can see each other !
-We can easily send supplies !
-We should train on colonizing on our moon, first, not on a far away planet.
-It would FEEL better to have a colony on the moon , than on Mars ! A MOONBASE !

That would be cool to have on the old (now graveled) space station DOOM.
The only evidence for that, that YOU can find, is that the 'moon' always turns the same side towards Earth.
You never see the back of it.
It doesn't spin as the rest of the objects in the Galaxy does. Like Earth spins on it's axis - Jupiter too etc.

100 years ago, since people could never see the backside of the 'moon', they thought it had forests and lakes on the other side.
Couldn't they see that IT is a graveled space station? It's more dead than a rock, and so is all of it's AI's etc. Graveled...
But still it never turns... So some *machinery* is still active inside. Anyway...

If you don't believe me, this page is anyway called the science-fiction page.
That's it. Now pick another page to view.

/( See You ) I guess ... Or maybe not. The oracle of Delphi will tell.