This is what it should look like on your screen!

-The number one convincing cause for a 35 min coffee break has arrived! Would you like a coffee break at work? Then use this 'screen saver' to fool the office manager that your computer are occupied doing systems maintenance. It all looks like a busy 'Windows System Driver installation' ! It's only a webpage we made to look 'right'. It's only like a movie, it's not a real program! You can check the program code before starting it. -What are you waiting for? Just launch the page, hit full-screen - and go to the cafeteria for the next 35 minutes. It comes complete with 'MS Windows' logotype, a 35-minute countdown timer plus a % completed progress bar. All of it fake to give you some time off your computer, at your work desk.

Here is the latest version: CLICK HERE!

Remember to click full screen in your web-browser. It's button F11 for Firefox.

**Working further on this page**Please return**
Earlier on frontpage: -The number one convincing cause for a 35 min coffee break has arrived! Show our/mine FAKE Windows system install screen that says "Do not use the computer during this process" for a 'legit' reason to leave your desk for a 35 minute coffebreak to the cafeteria. Your computer is busy. It comes complete with a 35 min countdown clock and a progress bar that shows percent [%] completed. We have programmed one of our webpages to screenfake a Windows system update. Nothing happens on your computer! It's only showing a convincing webpage! Made it ourselves. Completely free of viruses and cookies. Use it! Its just a webpage to look at!!! For best effect- use it full-screen. F11 on Firefox browser. To download THE BEST WEB-SURFING-PROGRAM ;go : HERE! (click)
Start screen with your browser and then press the full screen for the best effect. It is key F11 if you use Mozilla Firefox.
Can you even realize how big your everyday need is for this webpage!

Depending on your computers hardware setup, software configuration, we made a couple of choices, just try what works for you, and functions on exactly your computer.
Actually, if your a computer expert or wiz, it's more professional to leave your computer with "this shit running", when someone passes your computer and you're not nearby. You have to have some knowledge to understand it's fake, and the amateurs doesn't have a clue. If you have to leave your computer for a while, it's a fun thing to "leave on". We can make a version with password re-login. Should we? Perhaps not. You just login as usual, an d the first thing it will show is this. *if you get my point*

Jump to node 117= Fake Windows Install screen; CHOICES MENU -click here for more menus-

Fake Windows Install for 35 minutes with progress bar and countdown clock.

You can just look at one by clicking here

Fake Windows Install for 35 minutes Without progress bar -but with countdown clock. [Win Explorer version]

Fake Windows Install 35 minutes for those that have a problem with the 'estimated time' double-rows placement on their screen. [HAS A LOT TO DO WITH PAGE ACCEPTED PIXEL WIDTH ON YOUR SCREEN]

Fake Windows Install with blue text.

Fake government removal tool.

Even though this "program" (webpage) is written in-house by Political Avenue and are 100% safe -All the files have been tested and scanned clear of eventual viruses, spyware and malware with the NORTON™ and CHECKPOINT ZoneAlarm™ programs. Nothing came up, but better safe than sorry later! You can use them as you normally view a webpage.

To make you able to trust this program, we will put the code here. Small details in it left to fix though. Like total timer completion- the progress bar and countdown timer should end EXACTLY at the same time - the % bar is 5 minutes over - IT ALL WORKS THOUGH - Fools every boss!!!

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