Bulletproof with a maximum speed of 37mph - go inside Kim Jong Un's train!

A ramp helped Kim Jong Un to exit his green diplomatic train.

The 21-car train carried the North Korean leader from Pyongyang to the Chinese capital on Sunday and was welcomed by an armed guard at Beijing Train Station on Monday.

His two-day trip to China was Mr Kim's first overseas trip since he became leader in 2011.

Chinese military police guards, wait for Mr Kim's big arrival at the Beijing's main train station

This is an external picture of his green diplomatic train at the station.

Because each carriage is bulletproof, the weight slows the train down, with an estimated maximum speed of just 37mph.
You can see the heavy front glass, in the above image.

The journey from Pyongyang to Beijing are 685 miles, so the traveltime is estimated up to eighteen-and-a-half hours, passing through all the 20 train stations in North Korea, built just for the leader's own use, according to several reports.

Kimk Jong Un takes care of the Chinese delegation on his diplomatic green train after arriving at Beijing Train Station.

Intelligence reports said that Mr Kim have at least 90 high-security train wagons, which he can use, with three trains operating each time North Korea's leader travels. An advanced security train, the leader's own train plus another one with bodyguards and supplies.

Mr. Song Tao, the Chinese foreign affairs minister, boarded the train to meet the North Korean leader.

Mr Kim and the Chinese head of international affairs, Song Tao, used extra large purple armchairs on the train. No wine or booze served.

Mr Kim in his motorcade when visiting China.

Mr Kim, with his assistant by his side, laughed as he spoke to the Chinese politicians.

The Chinese delegation waved enthusiastically as the North Koreans left Beijing.

North Korea's state founder, Kim Il Sung, grandfather of Kim Jong Un, traveled like this.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il enters his armoured carriage at a station in Novobureisky.

North Korea's state leader is to visit Russia in May.
This information above, was sent to us via the internet- and we have yet not received confirmation from NK Embassy.

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