If you are into some conspiracy, I found some !!!

All overview pictures on this page are screen-captured from the satellite picture program Google Earth and are unaltered, IE. HOUSE IMAGES NOT CHANGED IN ANY WAY FROM ORIGINAL !

Take a look at these building projects. Is there anyone that raises a concern ?

Is this normal building procedure? Smack up new houses on top of old ones ?

Can you tell me what supports these structures on the rooftop, in the middle of these building(s), please ? Antennas ? Or what do you hide underneath the roof with the new buildings on top ? I actually sneaked into the big building. It got house exteriors, so when you walk down the street, it looks like several houses from the outside. I just wonder whats underneath that roof with new buildings ? Because ...
Normally there should be an inner courtyard, with some trees or outside garden furniture, but now, its just a big roof ON A VERY BIG BUILDING, so whats underneath this big building roof ? I actually sneaked in and got to level 4 or 5. Sterile environment. Tell you more later. I said I was a house inspector.

Well, here you see how nice "they" live.
When you walk along the road (Drottninggatan), you can't see these new cool structures on the roof from beneath ! They are hidden from view. The warehouse with green roof was owned by Gunnar Åhlen. This is a inscription that goes with it : In the middle of the act busy, the heart has its rest in a newborn mercy... ( I must ask.. are you sure about that ? )

When you look at this city block on an aerial photo it will look like a normal city block. NOT something built on a roof of another building. I sure wonder whats under that roof.
Here you see old city-roofs and the new ones on top of them, in a cool NEW STOCKHOLM city mix !

I would also like to live like this ! Got any room ?
Check the height from the road or street level! PLEASE !

New constructions are on the way, but the "zombies" in this country, walking the street, ain't noticing shit, that it happens !

I didn't have time for this pic to pixel up from Google Earth Pro 3D, but here is another creation on top of another building... (Above picture.)

Ey , look, I've got a forest outside my 'jävla radhus på taket' , it means, pretty nice on top of the roof with no PEOPLE that can view me !
Check the normal (black) city roofs below in the picture !

More images are coming up when I have the time.
Any sideeffects are from Googles image-enhancing software (darker edges).

Excuse me - but I have never seen the ad - Buy a house on top of the roof of another building


I actually asked 3 men I met on the fourth floor in that big building I entered by force :
-Does people know about these houses on the roof ?
No !
So why you have 'em or built 'em ?
Nice view !

... Or is it because you look down on other REAL people ... that doesn't have working F3 filters in their garage (Below the building, I was there.)
These F3 Filters are made for chemical warfare, brother ! ...

Anyway, they seem friendly.

Update: 2018-02-11

So I went down in their garage again:

Okey, here's the update I promised in October 2017 on this POLITICAL AVENUE post.
I took the camera down with me in into the garage this time, and I flashed my 'house inspecting badge with photo' to get in and around!
At least, that is what I said when I flashed my access card with photo that hangs as a badge, on your clothes, totally visible for that you meet to see. It's really my access card to the Stockholm University /Computer Science Premises, but no-one can tell, since there are no text on the card. Only a photo, a green frame around it, a chip, and a black card holder with clothing clip to attach it to your black suits left torso pocket.
Anyway, it's letting me into places and spaces when I point at it, and say: -Building Inspector !
Here are the shots from that particular house with the fasades I showed you above, but this time I focused on their underground garage.

First, here is a sign from within the building at street level.
The sign says in Swedish, direct translation :
Dryroom or drying room /and/ Switch clothes room /(almost like dressing room)/. But it shows a shower symbol for 'changing clothes' room.

Anyway, Here comes the most modern garage built on this very fucking planet, now.
The air is fresher than in the morning woods. Really professional installation.
Must have costed a fortune building better clean air down here, than what was spent at ventilation of the new Arlanda International Airport Buildings.

This is the garage entrance with new fans in the roof.

Some special plumming.

These are the garage filter controls with air pressure meters, in and out Kpa, alarms and such.
Here are 6 images I took on the filter and air flow controls, in this , what I think is, the most modern of garages, in downtown Stockholm Area.
Not really many garages has cleaner air than the offices in a bank building for example. But this one is outstanding.
Both air in and out gets filtered.
Anyway, here are the filter controls in 6 camerashots below, now :

This was one of the gates out.
This installation probably gives you good venting at the door. Ha-Ha. How about the words: -Don't overdo it!

I can only confirm it was fresher air, and overall air quality down there in the underground garage, then in the newest built housing complex's !

I will continue to work on this post at a later time.
--Welcome Back Sir or Lady!
See you another time.
(May I add that this article is not fake at any time. The pictures are real. Screenshots from Google Earth Sat-program and and images I shot with my own camera.)

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I found your weblog website on google and verify a couple of of your early posts. Proceed to keep up the excellent operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Looking for forward to reading more from you afterward!…
//Nice to see you around, friend, but please don't use up all comment space !! You remember the Cyberwar/Cybercrime post ?
As we remember it, you seemed to like it a lot. You liked the type of writing.
It will probably come back online, within the next week again. /As you say, it!/ CHEERS!

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I have checked your site and I have found some facts not known to the public pointing towards that extra-ts or some other crap have begun to populate the Earth.

This way to build is 100% unique.

Please write more about thees unusual circumstances.

May I say Thank You.

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