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Armenia's velvet revolution: Sold

6 min 58 sec ago
Armenia's Prime Minister Serzh Sargsyan, without fanfare and with very little noise, has done the things that Ukraine had done by means of an armed Maidan revolution. When serving as President, Sargsyan sold Armenia to the West, having abandoned the country's national identity and social policy. The rallies in Yerevan stated as demonstrations in support for the pro-Western course, but then evolved into "pro-Russian" meetings. What can they change and why does Russia take the position of an observer?On Monday, April 23, Serzh Sargsyan, the head of the ruling Republican Party of Armenia, was forced to resign amid protests against his election as the prime minister. After the constitutional reform of 2015, Armenia switched from the presidential republic to a parliamentary one. As many said, Sargsyan, as president, conducted the reform to his own benefit only to keep power in his hands as long as possible. Protests in Armenia began on April 14, when contrary to his promises not to nominate himself for the post of the prime minister, ex-president Serzh Sargsyan was approved on the position at a meeting of the coalition government.The protests were led by opposition association Elk ("Exodus"), which calls for expanding relations with the West and stands against Armenia's membership in the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). It was the head of the Elk faction at the parliament, Nikol Pashinyan, who initially became the leader of the protests.Prior to the threat of losing control over the rallies, Sargsyan held talks with Pashinyan on Sunday, April 22, at which the prime minister said that "the political force that won seven to eight percent at the parliamentary elections had no right to speak on behalf of the people." However, on Monday, April 23, the prime minister resigned.Arman Boshyan, President of the Yerevan Geopolitical Club, shared his vision of the situation with Pravda.Ru."What is happening in Armenia?""The protests were growing in size through the involvement of students and schoolchildren. On Sunday (April 22 - Ed.), according to my calculations, there were 40-50 thousand people on the square, the city of Yerevan was paralysed. Many of those who are not interested in politics also joined the rallies.""Pashinyan called it a "velvet revolution." What are its causes and what do people want?""It is believed that the Armenian government is pro-Russian, whereas the opposition is pro-Western, but this is not true. The sitting government is the most pro-Western government in the history of Armenia. Last year, the Armenian authorities signed the Istanbul Convention, which stipulates for the total rejection of national culture, the introduction of juvenile justice and gay pride parades. Armenia signed a document that Bulgaria and Hungary did not sign when being EU members. If these laws are put into practice, they may spark a civil war.The authorities of Armenia also signed an agreement with the EU on comprehensive partnership, and the parliament ratified it. It goes about the closure of nuclear power plants, about the need to rename cognac to brandy, even though that's a national trademark of ours that we have left after the collapse of the USSR and deindustrialization. In a nutshell, Poroshenko did all that after the Maidan revolution in Ukraine, but the Armenian authorities did all those things quietly and underhandedly. Armenia, as the EU advised, switched to the parliamentary form of government. Our president now is a British citizen, who has business and property there. The first person, who congratulated him on his election was the Queen of England. Not a single minister can now be appointed here without her generous permission. Armenian oligarchs keep their money in Western banks. There is a Russian army base in Armenia, in Gyumri, but this is all that the Russian influence is limited to in Armenia. There are also close ties between Armenia and Russia, of course, and they cannot cut them.""How do you think events are going to develop?""Regardless of how the situation develops, Armenia will continue running the pro-Western destructive course. The opposition uses the strong social discontent as its primary weapon of struggle. The Armenian government refused to provide material assistance to families with many children, but adopted a law that implies financial support for those who take children away from families. It just so happens that they have money for terror, but no money for family support. The rallies should have put pressure on the acting authorities, so that Armenia keeps the pro-Western course, but everything developed differently. The people are now opposed to this course, the situation has gone out of control and organisers of those protests did not expect so many people to show up. Yet, the rallies do not propagate any anti-Russian slogans - the protested wanted Sargsyan to step down."First deputy chairman of the CIS committee in the Duma, Konstantin Zatulin, said in an interview with Govorit Moskva radio station that Russia in Armenia is "an observer who does not want destabilisation there." "An observer should use political means to support legal authorities, but we are not going to send our lawmakers there. Russia does not have such plans, let along the fact that such plans are unacceptable for Armenia." Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Where does Russia keep her gold?

1 hour 47 min ago
Last week, it was reported that the Central Bank of Turkey withdrew the national gold reserve from the US Federal Reserve System. Given the fact that the United States has been imposing whole packages of sanctions on Russia one after another since 2014, why does Russia still keep its gold and other assets in the USA? If it is not in the USA, then where does Russia keep her gold? Turkey's "American gold" was partly returned to Turkey and deposited to European banks, particularly in England and Switzerland. Ankara's gold reserve totals 564.6 tons.Accumulating physical gold by central banks has become a trend lately. Even such a small European country as Hungary returned three tons of its gold from London in early 2018. Venezuela, Holland, Austria and Germany did the same - the countries that feel pressure from the part of the Washington consensus. For example, both the European Union and the Western world have been criticizing Hungary heavily. The nation's gold reserve gives Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban a reason to feel more confident.What about Russia? She has been the main "whipping girl" in the eyes of the "civilized world" lately. Yevgeny Fedorov, a member of the State Duma Committee on Budget and Taxes, told Pravda.Ru, that the information about the location of Russia's gold is classified." "Some of Russia's gold used to be stored in the USA, but we do not know whether Russia has returned that gold," the MP said. According to Yevgeny Fedorov, the Central Bank of Russia "is a branch of the US Federal Reserve, so I would not be surprised if we still keep some of our gold in the United States," he said. "If we don't keep our gold in the USA, then we do keep some of our assets there - i.e. we support the US economy, which is a very bad phenomenon," Fedorov told Pravda.Ru. This policy, the MP added, is stipulated in Article 15 of the Constitution, the system of international treaties and the status of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. To change such a state of affairs, Russia needs to conduct revolutionary reforms. "It is only now, when the law on counter-sentences raises the need to remove US managers from Russian ministries and the Central Bank. If Putin wins with his policy to end the subordination to the American unipolar world, then everything may work out well," Yevgeny Fedorov told Pravda.Ru. In turn, researcher Mikhail Khazin told Pravda.Ru that Russia does not keep its physical gold in the US. "We keep our assets in US government securities, but we have been recently reducing the share of these assets significantly. There is a probability that the Americans will not give them back, so we need to get rid of those bonds," the expert told Pravda.Ru. Pavel Salin, director of the Center for Policy Studies of the Finance University, also said that Russia does not keep its physical gold in the United States."The Russian gold reserve is stored in Russia, and the foreign exchange reserves are kept at US Treasuries. We tend to reduce their amount, but it is impossible to do it instantly, because it will look like an attempt to collapse the US debt market with all ensuing consequences. It could also trigger a major conflict with China that holds $1 trillion 200 million in these bonds and Japan - about one trillion dollars," the expert told Pravda.Ru.According to the US Treasury, the Central Bank of Russia sold US government bonds worth 11.9 billion dollars from December to February, having this reduced the volume of assets by 11.2 percent ($93.8 billion). It is worthy of note that immediately after the introduction of sanctions against Russia in March 2014, the Central Bank of Russia withdrew about $115 billion from the US Federal Reserve System (FRS). However, two weeks after the incident, the Russian Central Bank returned the funds to Fed accounts, Reuters says. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Large lake of boiling water found on Mars

5 hours 36 min ago
Russian radio enthusiast Valentin Degterev found a huge lake full of boiling water on pictures of Mars. The photos, taken by NASA, show a body of water two kilometres in diameter in the area of the south pole of Mars, says. The lake is located in a meteorite crater. Having "discovered" so much water on Mars, Degterev assumed that scientists conceal a lot of information about the existence of water on Mars saying that Mars is an anhydrous planet. Like on Earth, the water in the newly-discovered lake on Mars is blue and liquid. The radio enthusiast also assumed that the water in the lake boils all the time and produces a lot of steam. The researcher provided the coordinates of the site, where the lake was found, and said that the discovery was extremely valuable, because nothing like that was ever found on the Red Planet. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Poland defends its airspace with the help of Soviet systems made during the 1940s

6 hours 18 min ago
Polish officials said that in the event of a "war with Russia," the country would use Soviet weapons to defend itself against Russian missiles and aircraft.According to the National Interest, Poland still uses Soviet weapons along with national developments to protect its airspace.  The Polish army still has Soviet-made S-60 anti-aircraft systems developed in the 1940s.The Polish military also use ZU-23-2, adopted in the USSR in 1960. Nevertheless, Poland is expecting to receive USA's Patriot missiles, which will be difficult to integrate with the existing air defence system of Poland. Polish Defence Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced the agreement on the supply of Patriot air defence systems in Poland in early July.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

G7 wants to hold Russia responsible for everything

6 hours 36 min ago
Foreign Ministers of G7 countries intend to release a tough statement about their policies in relation to Russia's foreign politics. According to sources, the ministers will point out the need for dialogue with the Russian Federation in a number of important international problems. Nevertheless, the issues of Syrian and Ukrainian  crises remain open, Interfax reports.German Foreign Ministry Heiko Maas appealed to Russia to help regulate the Syrian crisis. According to him, the Syrian conflict cannot be solved without Russia's participation. In return, however, one needs constructive proposals. G7 foreign ministers will gather for a meeting to discuss issues of cooperation with Russia, efforts to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, the crisis in Syria and the state of affairs in the Middle East region, including the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia to deliver S-300 air defence systems to Syria for free

7 hours 9 min ago
Russia is to start supplying S-300 air defence systems to Syria in the near future. The shipments will be conducted free of charge, the Kommersant newspaper wrote adding that Russia is determined to take a swift effort to create the echeloned air defence system for Syria. The question about the transfer of S-300 systems to Syria remains "mostly political" and has been practically resolved. Components of S-300 systems, including radar stations, transport vehicles, command posts and missile launchers, will be delivered to Syria by military transport aircraft or vessels of the Russian Navy. It is possible that Russia will deliver the systems that have already been used in the Russian Armed Forces. On April 14, the Western coalition fired 103 missiles on Syria, but Syrian air defence forces shot down 71 of those missiles. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Defending the Social Media with the four-letter word

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 22:16
Defending the Social Media with the four-letter word An attack is under way against the truth-seeking social media practising data democracy. What is unacceptable is that the liars accuse the truthseekers of lying Today's news headlines speak against Russian bots "spreading false news" and querying the institutions which produce results favorable to the west and unfavorable to Moscow. The insinuation is that of course the western sources are right because they are staffed by righteous and honorable people who would never invent a lie in their lives and anything that dares to question their words is automatically spreading lies. A four-letter word in respose: Iraq.

USSR shot down Korean passenger Boeing 40 years ago. Chronicles

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 17:37
Forty years ago, Soviet pilots shot down a Korean passenger aircraft after it invaded Soviet airspace. On April 20, 1978, Boeing 707-321B passenger aircraft of Korean Air Lines (South Korea) was flying from Paris to Seoul with an intermediate stop in Anchorage. There were 97 passengers and 12 crew members on board. The flight route was lying over the northern part of Greenland and Canada, and then the airliner was supposed to fly over Alaska and head to Anchorage. However, instead, the Boeing allegedly deviated from the course due to a piloting error and headed through the Svalbard archipelago towards the Finnish-Soviet border. In April 1978, the USSR was conducting large-scale exercises on ​​the Kola Peninsula. The exercises were held around the city of Severomorsk. The city had the reputation of one of the most closed settlements in the USSR as it was a key location for a number of naval bases and command centers. In addition, many of Soviet strategic bomber planes and reconnaissance aircraft were based on the Kola Peninsula as well.

The aims of the criminal bombing of Syria by the Transnational Elite and globalization

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 16:16
By Takis Fotopoulos The dramatic events of the past weeks and days, which came to a head with the criminal NATO bombing of Syria during the early hours of Saturday 14th April (so as not to create unwanted disturbances in the stock market!), are very likely to have major consequences on the international stage. Furthermore, they were also aimed at the 'populist' movements, as the elites call the movements for national and economic sovereignty which are presently spreading rapidly throughout Europe and beyond. Therefore, the relatively narrow extent of the bombing is not the real issue, as the mouthpieces of the Transnational Elite (TE) claim in order to minimize its importance. It is the fact that the TE now assert that might is right and that they can therefore bomb Syria at will (on the pretext of false flag attacks), until they have enforced their own participation in negotiations on its future, so as to secure its full integration into the New World Order. The NATO criminals have struck again, exactly as they did in Iraq 15 years ago (minus France back then, which was not yet another offshoot of NATO) - ignoring not only the UN and the International Law which they have had the nerve to invoke, but even the very people whom they supposedly represent. This was made clear through a poll on the eve of the Syria bombings, which showed that less than a quarter of British people approved of this action, while neither of the three ridiculous 'leaders' of the campaign dared to request the opinion of their own parliamentary/Congressional bodies. In other words they have deliberately acted before the OPCW could reach Syria, thus ignoring the very UN committee which they themselves sent there and which was due to begin its investigation on the same day. This had been to establish whether Assad's alleged chemical attack had indeed taken place, as the international mass media under the TE's complete control have been parroting. The immediate aim behind NATO's attack was most likely to pre-empt any decision of the UN body not to their liking, if not to obstruct the OPCW's fact-finding mission, as the Russians accused them of doing. And of course the supposed attempted murder of the double agent Sergei Skripal by Russian spies had already been staged in Britain, based on "evidence" that a Russian nerve agent had been used. In fact, according to Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, the toxin was never produced in Russia, but was in service in the US, UK, and other NATO states.

War between USA and Russia will break out only if Americans cross Russia’s red lines

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 15:46
Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada Valery Garbuzov compared the qualities of the commanders-in-chief of Russia and the United States. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov stated that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump, as well as the military of the two countries, will never let a military confrontation spark. "Getting back to the question of risks of a military confrontation, I am 100% certain that the military will not allow it, and, of course, neither President Putin nor, I'm sure, President Trump will allow it. They are the leaders elected by their peoples, and they are responsible to their people for peace and tranquility," Lavrov said in an interview with RIA Novosti. Director of the Institute of the USA and Canada, Valery Garbuzov, suggested in an interview with Pravda.Ru that Lavrov's optimism is based on one argument: "The United States and Russia are nuclear powers. "We saw from the Cold War experience that the confrontation was tough, but it had not developed into direct confrontation," the expert told Pravda.Ru.

Russia may interrupt regular flights with USA

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:42
The United States creates visa problems for pilots of Russia's Aeroflot, even though Aeroflot is the only airline that makes regular flights between Russia and the USA. "It is possible that Russia and the United States of America will be left without air service. Aeroflot, the only company that makes regular flights between Russia and the United States, is likely to be forced to stop them, as their crews experience increasing difficulties with obtaining US visas," a statement from the press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry said. Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted that regular flights between Russia and the USA could be stopped, although the Russian administration would not want such a development.

Russia deprives Pacific Fleet of legendary submarines

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 13:58
Russia will withdraw two legendary underwater cruisers of Kalmar Project from the structure of the Pacific Fleet. It goes about Georgy Pobedonosets and Podolsk submarines that will be replaced with nuclear-powered submarines of the Borei class armed with Bulava missiles. Two of the three Kalmar Projects subs are to be decommissioned before 2020.

Russia to introduce criminal responsibility for those implementing anti-Russian sanctions

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 12:17
Vyacheslav Volodin, the Speaker of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, spoke in favor of a legislative act to impose responsibility, including criminal liability, on those who implement anti-Russian decisions made by foreign countries in their activities on the territory of the Russian Federation, the press service of the lower house of the parliament said, RIA Novosti reports. "On April 20, State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin, at a meeting with representatives of business and expert circles, during the discussion of the bill about responsive measures to US sanctions against Russia, spoke in favor of imposing a ban on the implementation of US sanctions in the Russian Federation. He explained that it would be correct to introduce measures of responsibility in relation to those who execute anti-Russian decisions of foreign states in their activities on the territory of Russia. Mr. Volodin did not rule out measures of criminal responsibility either. In Russia, we must live according to Russian laws," the press service of the State Duma said in a statement. Pravda.Ru  

Russia delivers S-300 air defense systems to Syria?

Fri, 04/20/2018 - 11:56
Several cargo ships that arrived to Syria's Tartus from Russia were unloaded under the guise of smokescreen Several cargo ships entered the Syrian port of Tartus, where the Russian naval base is located. It is believed that the vessels have arrived from the Russian port of Novorossiysk, but nothing is known about the cargo that the ships are carrying on board, reports with reference to sources in Syria. It was said that the ships were unloaded secretly, under the guise of a smokescreen. In addition, there was special gas sprayed in the unloading area of the port to jam satellite and UAV tracking systems.

Yulia Skripal received toxic chemical injection while in a coma, Russian embassy officials say

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 20:11
The Russian embassy in the United Kingdom said that there were high chances that a toxic chemical was injected into the blood of Yulia Skripal before her blood samples were collected. The Russian Embassy demanded the UK should let Russian medical specialists access the woman. "Russian citizen Yulia Skripal has been illegally detained by the British authorities since March 4, 2018, and her contacts with us have been blocked," a press secretary of the embassy said. He added that Russian diplomats are concerned about the state of the woman's health and the lack of official information about her. The official added that all statements that British official had made so far could not be considered reliable.According to the embassy spokesman, Russian specialists, having only the OPCW report, do not have a real picture of the situation and can not analyze the events that have happened in Salisbury. They can not assess the possible involvement of British intelligence services in the Salisbury incident either. Russian specialists ask more and more questions. For example, it remains unclear how a non-decomposed toxic chemical established by Porton Down was found in a blood sample of one of the victims 18 days after the contact, even though the other victim, who suffered a more serious poisoning, did not show such a phenomenon. According to him, such an observation was not typical of nerve agents, which may indirectly mean, with a high degree of probability, that a chemical agent had been injected into the blood of Yulia Skripal before her blood samples were collected when she was in a coma.Pravda.Ru

Chinese experts point out to huge drawback of F-22 versus Su-57

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 19:14
Chinese experts conducted a comparative analysis of Su-57 and F-22 aircraft and came to curious conclusions. According to satellite images, the Russian military did deploy Su-57 fighter jets at Khmeymim airbase in Syria. Even though the Su-57 is a fifth-generation fighter, there were no special conditions provided for the airplane. Like all other aircraft, Su-57 fighters were parked in the open air, Chinese analysts noted. At the same time, F-22 fighters are very often kept in air conditioned hangars. Chinese specialists wondered whether US fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft need to be kept in air conditioned hangars indeed. Originally, the F-22 was the first type of US stealth aircraft that can be serviced at the forefront. However, 50% of maintenance time for the F-22 has to be spent on the exploitation of radio-absorbing coating. Therefore, the F-22 turns out to be inferior to other traditional fighter aircraft in terms of maintenance works. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

USA highly concerned about Russia's cold-blooded silence in response to missile attack on Syria

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:38
The United States is concerned about the current crisis in the relations with Russia and suggests returning to reasonable policies to avoid a nuclear war, military expert Sergei Sudakov believes.A recent report from the US Congressional Research Center said that if the United States conduct an "instantaneous global strike," the missiles would most likely fly over the territories of Russia or China." "Many possible targets lie south of Russia and China, and the United States has historically planned to launch its ballistic missiles over the North Pole."The authors of the report believe that in such a situation, Moscow and Beijing may use nuclear weapons without having time to assess the threat. To prevent "misunderstanding" between Moscow and Washington, it is proposed to notify Russia of the planned launch and maintain constant contacts between the military of the two states.Sergei Sudakov, a member of the Academy of Military Sciences, political scientist and Americanist, told Pravda.Ru, that "the concept of sovereignty provides for certain conditions, when aerial weapons can fly over foreign territories only if the route has been coordinated with the countries that own those territories." "Otherwise, the missiles will be destroyed, and this is what the Russian military nuclear doctrine says," Sergei Sudakov said. If one reads the report "between the lines," "the US wants to resume the system of full-fledged control over airspace," Sergei Sudakov believes. The Americans were very much surprised with Russia's cold-blooded silence in response to their attacks on Syria. They clearly understand that Russia is not going to withdraw its earlier statements, they know that Russia will respond accordingly," Sergei Sudakov said. "The Americans indirectly speak of their intention to return to the system of coordinated launches and flights and warn each other to avoid a catastrophe. This is a policy of fear that leads to a policy of reason. Pre-emption and a constant classic hotline for prevention should always be present for any missile launches - this is the only thing that can save us from the war," the expert told Pravda.Ru. It is worthy of note that Russia had preliminary coordinated the flights of its Caliber missiles over the territories of Iran and Iraq when Russia was striking terrorists in Syria from the south-western area of the Caspian Sea.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Turkey withdraws its gold from USA

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 17:00
The administration of the Central Bank of Turkey has withdrawn the national gold reserve from the US Federal Reserve System.According to Trend news agency, the Central Bank of Turkey had 220 tons of gold at the US Federal Reserve.At the same time, two other Turkish banks - Ziraat and Vakifbank - also started withdrawing their  gold reserves from the United States. Their "gold assets" are evaluated at 95 tons.As of March 2018, the gold reserves of the Central Bank of Turkey amounted to $25.3 billion.Analysts believe that Turkey has made such a move against the background of worsening relations between Ankara and Washington. Earlier, Want China Times wrote with reference to Duowei News that China's enormous gold reserves give the People's Republic of China an opportunity to cause the US national currency to collapse. The publications also noted that Russia had doubled her gold and currency reserves since 2005.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Unexploded Western missiles in Russia's hands: Russian air defenses to get even better

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 16:41
Russian military men received two unexploded cruise missiles from Syria. The missiles were found after the attack that the Western coalition conducted on Damascus on April 14. The Syrian military noted that the two missiles were in a good condition, and they were handed over to the Russian military on April 17. The United States, Britain and France launched more than a hundred missiles on Syria on April 14 in response to the alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta even though there was no evidence to prove the fact of the attack. Political scientist Yevgeny Satanovsky believes that Russia should put as much pressure on the US as possible and suspend dialogue with the United States on the official level. This will make the Americans panic and they will finally start looking for ways to bring the relations back to normal. "There are many of those who witnessed the provocations in Ghouta, there are many fragments of the missiles that were shot down above Syria, but Trump says that none of his missiles ere intercepted. Russia should press the Americans as much as she can - we should punch them in the fact, and it would be the right thing to do." "We should use shock therapy to sober up the Americans. In this case, the Americans will speak about the need to resume dialogue. There is no other option," Satanovsky said. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Syrian air defense forces intercepted 71 of 103 missilesMember of the expert council of the board of the Military-Industrial Commission of the Russian Federation, Viktor Murakhovsky, said that the unexploded missiles that Russian now has at its disposal will give Russian specialists an opportunity to improve domestic air defenses and electronic warfare. Some of the missiles used in the attack on Syria were not new, but some others were used for the first time. Russian specialists are particularly interested in USA's Tomahawk Block IV and JASSM-ER, as well as in new missiles used by France and the UK. PolitonlineRead article in Russian 

The Geo-political board game: Predicting the next move

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 16:03
The Geo-political board game: Predicting the next move Back to the two blocs, the question today is which one represents humankind and which one walks in tandem with our hearts and minds... If we can take a board game as an analogy of the current geo-political setting, what will we see? We will find two players sitting on opposite sides of the board, "partners" only insofar as they are both playing the game. In front of them, there is a large board with squares and plastic counters but no dice, only two sets of situation cards in front of each player, one entitled ATTACK and the other, DEFENSE. Covering the squares is a map showing geo-political regions: Americas, divided into North, Central and South; Arctic, Antarctic, Europe and Scandinavia; Middle East; Africa, divided into North, Central and South; Oceania, Asia, divided into Central, South-East and Far East and at the top, one word: Russia. One player sits to the left of the Americas, facing eastwards, the other sits to the right of Asia, Far East, facing westwards.

George W. Bush, who saw Putin's soul in 2001, says what US attitude to Russia should be like

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:36
Former US President George W. Bush said in an interview with Fox News that Vladimir Putin was an intelligent tactician, and relations with him must be forceful.Bush said that he managed to "see a soul" when he looked Putin in the eye, but that was during the time when Russia was broke. These days, Bush added, Putin has changed and turned into a very aggressive person, whose ultimate goal is to reinstate Soviet influence. "His attitude on most issues is: "I'm going to win and US is going to lose," Bush said. "Therefore, I always believed that it is important for the United States to be forceful when dealing with Putin, not belligerent, but forceful. He is good," the former US president said.When speaking about Putin's popularity in Russia, George W. Bush said that he would have been popular in the USA too if he had owned a major television network. Bush believes that Putin is very strong inside Russia, even though the Russian economy is not strong enough and the demographics is not that positive. In 2001, George W. Bush said the following about Putin: "I looked the man in the eye. I found him to be very straight forward and trustworthy and we had a very good dialogue. I was able to get a sense of his soul. He's a man deeply committed to his country and the best interests of his country and I appreciate very much the frank dialogue and that's the beginning of a very constructive relationship."Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Germany begs USA for release

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 13:33
The German authorities will ask the United States to free German companies from participating in the sanctions against the Russian Federation. During his visit to Washington, German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz intends to seek special conditions for German businesses in relation to sanctions against Russia.German Chancellor Angela Merkel also intends to raise this issue at a meeting with US President Donald Trump in late April.German industrial giants, including Siemens, Daimler and Volkswagen, which do business in Russia, also lobby this approach because they do not want to suffer losses against the backdrop of the crisis in the US-Russian relationship.According to leaders of German companies, new sanctions may cost Germany hundreds of millions of euros. The former head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium, a member of the European Parliament, said that the policy to isolate Russia was a serious geopolitical mistake, especially after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Russia is a European country, and the EU needs to have not only partnership, but also privileged relations with Russia, the official said. The European economy suffered 17.6 billion euros of losses in 2015.A study conducted by the Austrian Institute of Economic Research (WIFO) said that the economic  damage caused by the sanctions against Russia amounted to 17.6 billion euros, whereas 400,000 EU citizens lost their jobs. An analysis of the economic state of 27 countries, Austria, Germany, France, Italy and Poland have suffered from the imposition of sanctions against Russia most. For example, Austria, where exports to Russia in 2015 decreased by almost 40% compared to the previous year, lost 550 million euros and about 7,000 jobs. In Germany, as many 97,000 people were fired, whereas economic losses amounted to six billion euros. France lost 1.63 billion euros, Italy - about one billion euros, Poland - 1.36 billion euros, the Czech Republic - 760 million euros.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Trump's two 'nice and smart missiles' delivered to Russian military

Thu, 04/19/2018 - 12:45
Syrian military men handed over two unexploded cruise missiles to Russia. The missiles were found after the recent US-led missile strike on Syria. According to the source, the Syrian military found two cruise missiles that did not explode during the US missile strike on Syria on the night of April 14. The two missiles were delivered to the Russian military men on April 17. A representative of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Kenneth McKenzie, said earlier that all the targets in Syria were struck in a "precise, overwhelming and effective" way. The targets were the Center for the Development and Research of Chemical Weapons in Barzeh near Damascus (76 missiles, 57 of them were Tomahawks), a chemical weapons depot near Homs (22 missiles) and a chemical weapons bunker in Him Shinshar (7 Scout missiles). According to McKenzie, none of the aircraft and none of the missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defence systems, although Syrian officials said otherwise.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Geopolitics of water

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 23:05
At the center of the earthly paradise is the Tree of Life. From its roots are born four rivers whose branches, according to St. John Damascene, are to be identified respectively with the rivers Nile (Gihon), Tigris (Hiddekel), Euphrates (Prath) and Ganges (Pison). No coincidence that the four lines along which some of the most important civilizations of antiquity evolved. Geopolitics of water by Daniele Perra The water of these rivers has a sacred value that exceeds the function of source and sustenance of life of which they are carriers. From the floods of the Nile, to which a divine character was attributed, depended on the prosperity or otherwise of the ancient Egyptian dynasties. And on an island of Lake Tana, at the source of the Blue Nile, it is said that it was kept, before its transfer to Axum (ancient spiritual center long disputed between Fascist Italy and Britain in the previous century), the Ark of the Covenant, given, according to the Ethiopian national poem The glory of Kings, from King Salomon to Menelik I, the son he had with the Queen of Sheba. And again in 2009, the then patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church of Coptic Rite, Abuna Paulos, said: Ethiopia is the throne of the Ark of the Covenant.

Putin must sue UK because of Skripal case lies

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 21:09
The OPCW has failed to name both the formula and the country of origin of the substance that poisoned Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury. Can Russia hold British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson accountable for libel?On 18 April, during the second closed meeting of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague, Peter Wilson, the representative of Great Britain at the OPCW, said that the organisation could not determine the country of origin of the substance that poisoned  former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury.One should bear in mind the fact that the OPCW has not publicly announced the name of the substance, which the British authorities identified as "Novichok" - a nerve gas that was allegedly developed in the Soviet Union in the 1970s and was at the disposal of Russian special services.On the basis of the above-mentioned unfounded statements, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson accused Russia and her president of involvement in the poisoning of the Skripals, which subsequently resulted in another portion of sanctions from Western countries. The leaders of several other Western countries supported Johnson, having released similar statements. Swedish Prime Minister, for example, stated that Russia was supposed to explain how a man was nearly murdered with the use of a nerve gas in the UK. "We share the assessment that, clearly, Russia is responsible," Prime Minister of Sweden Stefan Lofven said. Sweden expelled one Russian diplomat in solidarity with the UK. Can Russia bring Johnson and the Swedish prime minister to trial? Vladimir Olenchenko, a senior researcher at the Center for European Studies at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told Pravda.Ru that one can raise the issue at an international court and seek compensations.""It seems to me that our Prosecutor General's Office is on the right track. The Office has published documents where many things don't come together. Those documents support the idea that it is the British authorities that staged the attempted assassination of the former Russian spy. The problem is that the UK does not respond to our requests," the expert told Pravda.Ru. "We must not let this topic fade away. Russia must raise more and more questions on the subject and ask for answers, attach international attention to the issue," Vladimir Olenchenko said in an interview with Pravda.Ru.It is worthy of note that there is criminal responsibility for libel in Western countries. In the United States and Great Britain, libel is understood as dissemination of deliberately false information of defamatory nature. Russia needs to prove that London's allegations were based on deliberately false information that shattered the reputation of the Russian president. Why don't  Russian lawyers prepare such a lawsuit on behalf of Putin and sue the UK?A few days ago, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov suggested that Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned with BZ gas, which was not developed in Russia.According to Lavrov, Russia received the information on the basis of confidentiality. It contains data that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) received from the Center for Radiological and Chemical-Biological Analysis in Switzerland. "It is only up to the OPCW to comment on the statement, but we can repeat what was said ten days ago: we have no doubt that Porton Down (the British laboratory) identified "Novichok." Their working standards are so strict their conclusions can not be questioned," the Swiss lab tweeted. At a meeting on Wednesday, April 18, OPCW experts did not confirm the presence of BZ substance in the samples collected in Salisbury."The precursor of BZ that is referred to in the public statements, commonly known as 3Q, was contained in the control sample prepared by the OPCW Lab in accordance with the existing quality control procedures. Otherwise it has nothing to do with the samples collected by the OPCW Team in Salisbury. This chemical was reported back to the OPCW by the two designated labs and the findings are duly reflected in the report," the head of the OPCW Ahmet Uzumcu said.As they say, one barber shaves another gratis. Lyuba LulkoPravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Washington officials claim Russia attacked American military men in Syria

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 20:56
US Assistant Secretary of State Wess Mitchell stated that "Russian mercenaries" attempted to attack American military men in Syria. "Russia's reckless intervention in Syria and support for the Assad regime has raised the risk of confrontation with the West. The failed attack on U.S. forces by Russian mercenaries recently in Syria was one sobering example of this behavior; Moscow's aggressive rhetoric in the period leading up to and after the recent U.S. - led strikes is another," his testimony reads. Mitchell added that Washington did not seek a confrontation with Moscow in Syria, but admitted that the US was ready to use force if necessary. "We do not seek a confrontation. But our forces will not hesitate to use necessary and proportionate force to defend themselves as they are in engaged in operations to defeat ISIS and degrade al-Qa'ida," he wrote. Mitchell also said that the conflict in Syria can only be resolved through negotiations in Geneva. "This solution can only be achieved through a UN - led Geneva process to fully implement UNSCR 2254. We are pushing Russia to be a constructive participant in this process and to bring Assad to the negotiating table. So far, Russia has ignored these calls and instead been a spoiler to Geneva," west Mitchel believes.Meanwhile, the Security Service of Ukraine published a video of the interrogation of a man who claimed that he had witnessed the transportation of a group of people without identification signs to Syria on board Russia's Varyag cruiser. Representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry said that the warship never visited the port of Tartus.The Security Service of Ukraine alleges that the Varyag cruiser delivered a group of Russian mercenaries - employees of PMC Wagner - to Syria."Before telling these fables, they should consult the command of the Ukrainian Navy or their Western curators," official representative of the Ministry of Defence, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said. The Varyag missile cruiser has never stopped by the port of Tartus in Syria, because there are no "appropriate berths" there for mooring warships of such displacement. Konashenkov also pointed out that a cruiser ship is not suitable for the transportation of military equipment and other large-sized military cargo. "The Varyag lacks suitable cargo holds," he explained.The video from the Security Service of Ukraine shows the interrogation of the man who introduced himself as Nikolai Kovalenko. He served on the Varyag missile cruiser as a "space communications mechanic." He and a citizen of Ukraine tried to "illegally cross the border," where they were detained.Pravda.Ru

The Provocateur - Israel The Big Loser

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 16:45
By Jim Jones Strange rumblings in the Middle East. I sincerely doubt that even the big players in this game really know the full story and the machinations of nations in this game without rules which is being played out. I wrote previously [] about the possible interpretation(s) that could be placed on the recent unholy Alliance strike on Syria; about possible "False Flag" operations by the Alliance.  Praise God, the USS Donald Cook was moved from close proximity to the Syrian coast and the Russian Naval Base at Tartus, to a location between Cyprus and Crete close to the Turkish coast and out of range of the Russian coastal defence missiles.  At least that provocation was removed by the US.  If the Donald Duck had launched missile from a distance of 100 km from the Naval Base, the reaction time for the Russian AD units based at Tartus would have been very small and I suspect they could not have taken a chance as to where the missiles were ultimately headed. Most likely, they at least would have been engaged and shot down - it begs the question, would a counter-attack have been launched against the Donald Duck?? Well, we're not to know as it would have depended on whether or not the Donald Duck was destined by the US as a target. To my thinking it would have been foolhardy to have launched from that location and I suspect that words were exchanged between Russia/US on the location of the Donald Duck - thus prompting the relocation to an area whereby the possible trajectory of the missiles launched could be verified. [Trust but verify].

SWIFT refuses to cut Russia off, even if Washington insists

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:57
The SWIFT system, which ensures the transfer of financial messages between all banks of the world, will not disconnect Russia despite Western sanctions. In the political conflict between Russia and the West, SWIFT takes a neutral position, SWIFT CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt said. The SWIFT system will thus stay neutral in the conflict between Russia and the West and will not disconnect the country from the system of financial payments because of the sanctions, CEO Gottfried Leibbrandt said at the SWIFT business forum in Moscow, RBC reports. "The question of disconnecting Russia from the SWIFT financial reporting system is not worth it, and our position remains unchanged: we are a neutral party that provides for the interconnection of users and whose purpose is to service the global financial industry," Mr. Leibbrandt said. SWIFT declared its neutrality back in 2014, when the question of disconnecting Russia from the system was raised for the first time following the coup in Ukraine and Russia's reunification with the Crimea. "Our mission is to be a global and neutral service provider," the company said in a statement back then. The European Parliament and the EU Council discussed such a possibility against the backdrop of sanctions in connection with the Ukrainian crisis, but the SWIFT management considered Russia's possible disconnection highly challenging to the reputation of the company and stressed that it would not make such decisions under the influence of political pressure. Nevertheless, the West still believes that disconnecting Russia from the interbank messaging system is possible. In August 2017, the Russian National Commercial Bank (RNCB) and Tempbank were disconnected from SWIFT, after the owner of the relevant software refused to cooperate with them because of US sanctions. RNCB, which works in the Crimea, said that the move would not affect its work as the bank operated only inside Russia. In January, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich acknowledged that disconnection from SWIFT could create great problems for the Russian banking system. If it happens, he said, Russian banks would have to switch to an outdated technology, but Western companies would face serious problems too. In early April 2018, the United States adopted a new package of anti-Russian sanctions, which has become the most stringent one since 2014. Shortly thereafter, Washington announced its readiness to prepare new sanctions in the near future to punish Russia for supporting the Syrian authorities. It was said that Moscow was getting ready for a series of tough measures, including disconnection from SWIFT. The financial reporting system itself is based in Belgium and does not comply with US law. However, chances for Washington to succeed in cutting Russia off remain high.To counter such a threat, Russia has been developing its own analog to SWIFT that would be used inside the country. The system is called the Financial Communications System of the Bank of Russia (known for the Russian initials as SPFS). On April 13, Rosteс (State Corporation for Assistance to Development, Production and Export of Advanced Technology) announced that it was switching to SPFS. SWIFT stands for the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications. The system was established in 1973. Today, SWIFT unites more than 10,000 banking and financial organisations in 210 countries and processes about 1.8 billion messages a year.Pravda.Ru

Russia to launch new minesweeper made of fibreglass

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 13:54
Russia is launching new Ivan Antonov minesweeper of Project 12700 on April 25 in St. Petersburg.Project 12700 designates the construction of large vessels, the hulls of which are made entirely of fiberglass. Sea mines very often react to metal objects. Therefore, minesweepers had to be made either of wood, which was not very practical, or steel. Steel hulls had to be demagnetised to make vessels invisible to mine detonators, reports. Fiberglass lacks such drawbacks. Russian engineers also developed a unique vacuum infusion technology which makes it possible to use composite materials in ship-building. At the same time, minesweepers need to be able to detect mines. The new Ivan Antonov vessel comes  equipped with state-of-the-art hydroacoustic systems. The systems have been installed both on the vessel itself and on underwater robotic vehicles that the ship also carries on board. The Ivan Antonov is armed with a light-weight six-barreled 30-millimeter gun to destroy mines floating on the water surface. Pravda.Ru

Russian Prosecutor General speaks about mystery of Berezovsky's death

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 12:59
Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika said that late Russian oligarch Boris Berezovsky could not obtain polonium to poison Alexander Litvinenko, although Berezovsky was working together with British special services. According to Chaika, Berezovsky forfeited for his life when he decided to return to Russia. Yuri Chaika said during his report to the Council of Federation that Litvinenko died in November 2006 shortly after receiving British citizenship. A significant amount of radioactive polonium-210 was found Litvinenko's body after his death."Although Berezovsky played a key role in this provocation, it was not him who wrote the script. For all his criminal talents, Berezovsky simply could not get the polonium, it was not his level," Chaika said."Special services could not let the carrier of secrets about the act of nuclear terrorism that was committed against Litvinenko, go outside the UK, as it would have come to the knowledge in Russia," Chaika said. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Putin presents his condolences to George H. Bush

Wed, 04/18/2018 - 12:14
Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the Russian president sent a message of condolences to former US President George H. Bush in connection with the death of his wife Barbara Bush."The president sent a telegram with condolences to George H. Bush in connection with the passing of his wife," Peskov said.US President Donald Trump also expressed his condolences to Mr. Bush. Trump pointed out Barbara Bush's contribution to the struggle against illiteracy throughout the world and her devotion to the concept of American family. Barbara Bush died in her home in Texas at the age of 92. Pravda.Ru 

Bridge of stupidity in St. Petersburg claims 146th victim

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 18:28
Another car accident with the participation of GAZelle vehicle took place in St. Petersburg. The accident happened underneath the bridge, on which a large banner was attached warning drivers that GAZelle vans would not be able to pass underneath the bridge. The message on the banner says: "Dangerous! Low bridge! GAZelle will not pass!" in large lettering, but GAZelle drivers still mange to ram their vehicle into the low bridge. It has thus become the 146th accident that has occurred on one and the same site. The site is located on the overpass at the intersection of Sofiyskaya Street and Lensovetovskaya Road. The distance between the road and the bridge above it is only 2.7 meters. The bridge was built in 2011. The bridge is equipped with all warning signs, which does not prevent GAZelle drivers from crashing into it over and over again. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

A selective genocide is consummated through women's bodies. A new market eugenics.

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 17:05
A selective genocide is consummated through women's bodies. A new market eugenics. By Evald Manes. Now, a time after going to the feminist strike on the International Working Women's Day, we are still waiting for data after the emergency rescue of the male group.- Nothing. It does not seem to mean any analysis with enough relevance.

Iran strongly determined to fight for Golan Heights

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 17:02
The Trump administration is looking for a replacement for the American military contingent in the north of Syria. If the United States agrees with Saudi Arabia, the situation in the south of the country will become a lot more intense as Iran and Israel stand on the brink of war. Does it all depend on Putin's decision, who still remains angered with the most recent bombings of Syria? Israel bombs, Iran warns On the night of April 17, Syrian Shayrat air base in Homs was shelled again. Pentagon officials said that the United States was not conducting military operations in the region. Iran held Israel responsible and threatened with "an appropriate response," Haaretz newspaper reported citing a statement from official representative of the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Bahram Ghassemi.Iran has thus made another "unworkable threat." The previous one was made after the air raid on the T4 base on April 14, when, according to the Syrian media, 14 people were killed, including the Iranian military and the commander of Iranian "unmanned" troops. Israel covertly confirmed the attack, The New York Times reported. "The Zionist entity will sooner or later be struck for attacking the T4 airfield in Syria," said Bahram Gassemi. The Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, described the bombing of Syria as a "crime committed by Israel. He said that Israel's actions "will not remain unanswered," Lebanese TV channel Al-Mayadin reports. No less threatening remarks come from the administration of Hezbollah movement. Vladimir Fitin, an expert at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, told Pravda.Ru, that "the exchange of such rhetoric between Israel and Iran has become commonplace." "The Israelis also periodically fire missiles at the territory of Syria, claiming that they will not allow Iranian bases to appear, nor will they tolerate the buildup of Iranian military hardware near Israeli borders. Yet, neither Iran nor Israel want a major war to happen. Most likely, the whole matter will be limited to another portion of bellicose statements," the expert said in an interview with Pravda.Ru.However, Tim Lister, an analyst at CNN, believes that it is Russian President Vladimir Putin who holds Iran back. "President Putin has long had a good relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu but this week warned him against further military action in Syria, following airstrikes against Iranian militia last weekend that were attributed to the Israelis," the author believes. After the Islamic revolution of 1979, Iran terminated diplomatic relations with Israel and still does not recognise the legitimacy of the existence of the Jewish State, claiming that Israel is a threat to Iran's national security.Since the very beginning of the Syrian conflict, Tehran has been increasing its military presence in Syria, preparing for a protracted military conflict with Israel, and possibly for a battle for the Golan Heights that Syria lost in 1967. Even if this war is waged indirectly through Hezbollah, missile strikes against Iranian bases show that Tel Aviv is ready for a direct military confrontation with Tehran too. Saudi Arabia will deploy contingent to Syria? Other countries could be involved in the conflict. According to The Wall Street Journal, the United States offered Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates to send "their troops" and "billions of dollars to Northern Syria to help restore the region." As Vladimir Fitin told Pravda.Ru, it does not go about assistance for the official government of Syria - the Americans want to take care of  what they have been supporting in Syria with the help of their armed forces. Arab countries of the Arabian Peninsula are very unlikely to invest money as soon as Washington tell them to, as they have too many problems of their own. It is worthy of note that Iran accuses Saudi Arabia, with which Tehran does not have diplomatic relations either, of "supporting the Zionist regime and terrorism."Lyuba Lulko (Stepushova)Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Will Americans sacrifice one of their warships to start a major war?

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 16:08
By Jim Jones For many years now, I have been watching and commenting on events in the Middle East; particularly so now as I see the unfolding of events prophesied in Scripture as End Time Events occurring before my eyes.  No, this is not a Bible Study! However, even the most stubborn atheist would be hard pressed to explain away all current world events as having no relevance to Scripture. The Middle East has perked my interest as there are so many players and permutations involved as to present a venerable chessboard of possibilities. But here I want to focus just on the current events unfolding in this melodrama around the false flag chemical attack carried out by the White Helmets in Syria and the buffoon response of the West.

Donald Trump must address American people

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 14:55
Trump does not believe his assistants and hopes to have a personal meeting with Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. Afterwards, Donald Trump should address the American people,  Americanist Edward Lozansky believes. Even though US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that the US would impose another package of sanctions on Russia already on April 16, White House spokespeople said that Haley either misspoke or incorrectly expressed her thoughts. However, Nikki Haley is known as a highly disciplined woman, who simply cannot say such things. American analysts have two versions to explain the situation. One of them says that Trump first gave the go-ahead for the new sanctions, and then changed his mind. It is also believed that Donald Trump could be in collusion with the Kremlin.President of the American University in Moscow, Eduard Lozansky, told Pravda.Ru, that Trump was furious about the fact that his assistants were deceiving him. For example, it was reported that Donald Trump was supposedly enraged after he was informed that European countries had expelled  fewer Russian diplomats than the United States (60 people). There were other conflicts with the advisers, "who advised him not to congratulate Putin on his reelection, but Trump called Putin to congratulate him anyway. "It probably came to the boiling point, and Trump decided to rethink the situation that has reached a very dangerous point. A lot of people in the world thought that the USA was going to launch another world war on Friday at night when the Americans fired missiles at targets in Syria," Lozansky told Pravda.Ru. In his opinion, it is very important that Trump confirmed a meeting with Putin after he was "literally forced" to insult the Russian president. "If the two leaders meet and look each other in the eye, they will be able to find a common language," the political scientist said in an interview with Pravda.Ru. The expert is not sure whether Congress will support Trump after the meeting. "The president will then have to address the American people to ask them to choose between war and peace. Of course, people will choose peace, and Congress will have to listen. It is highly important Trump and Putin should meet as soon as possible," Eduard Lozansky told Pravda.Ru.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia refuses to transport NATO's military hardware

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 14:16
Russian transport company Volga-Dnepr decided not to work with NATO cargoes.The management of the company specialising in the transportation of large-tonnage and supersize cargoes informed the North Atlantic Alliance command that An-124 Ruslan super-heavy jumbo aircraft would no longer be used for the transportation of NATO cargoes.It was reported that the company made such a decision in response to the missile attack on Syria conducted by the United States, France and the UK on April 14.NATO member countries would frequently use the services of the Russian Volga-Dnepr company and Antonov Airlines of Ukraine to deliver heavy military hardware to the sites of military operations or joint exercises of the alliance.During the early 2000s, An-124 Ruslan aircraft had flown to Afghanistan more than 200 times. Now the Ukrainians may count for the number of commercial shipments to increase. Interestingly, the American C-5 Galaxy transport aircraft, which is similar to the An-124 Ruslan, remains in service with the US Air Force, but does not carry out cargo transportation activities for the benefit of other NATO member countries.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia wants to be prepared for most severe sanctions that Washington is working on

Tue, 04/17/2018 - 12:58
The Russian administration believes that the United States will soon announce most severe sanctions against Russia. Russia will be prepared for such a turn of events, RBC reports. The Kremlin believes that the US may impose sanctions on Russia's public debt and disconnect the country from SWIFT payment system. It is also believed that Washington may impose strict sanctions on Russia's two largest banks - Sberbank and VTB. According to two federal officials, whose names were not exposed, the Russian authorities started developing countermeasures to respond to the most negative scenario long before the USA published the infamous Kremlin report in January. Previously, US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said that the United States would impose new sanctions against Russia on Monday, April 16. It was assumed that Washington would take restrictive measures against the companies linked to Syrian President Bashar Assad. However, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders said later that the decision about the new sanctions against Russia had not been made yet. The Russian authorities supposedly consider two options for possible US sanctions against Russia's sovereign debt. According to the first one of them, the USA will prohibit investing in Russia's federal loan bonds for American investors only. For a more stringent option, the ban on the purchase of the Russian national debt will be extraterritorial in nature extending to foreign (including Russian) legal entities. Currently, foreign investors hold more than a third of the Russian national debt.As protection measures, Russia considers a possibility of creating a special bank for the purchase of the Russian national debt, as well as taking certain steps that will "close" the names of those who buy the Russian national debt. Russia should be prepared for the introduction of US restrictions on investment in the Russian national debt, Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said on the sidelines of the Krasnoyarsk economic forum.Russia already has a special bank to service the state defence order, whereas Russian banks classify some of their public information in an attempt to protect themselves against sanctions. Another measure - "attracting people's money" through the sale of federal loan bonds to citizens - was discussed in January, the source said.In addition, the Russian administration believes that Washington may disconnect the country from SWIFT payment system. This question has been discussed for several years already, after Russia reunited with the Crimea. Russia's disconnection from SWIFT may cause the Russian banking system to collapse. Russia may not be able to make external payments, especially for gas supplies. However, Moscow believes it can be possible to make external payments through agents, so-called bridge companies (intermediary companies).The Kremlin is also highly concerned about the possible blockage of Russia's largest banks, such as Sberbank and VTB. The two banks already operate under sectoral sanctions. However, a ban on correspondent accounts in the US or inclusion on the SDN (Specially Designated Nationals) list is a much more stringent measure that will make international operations virtually impossible.Pravda.Ru

Here we are... Insouciance rules the roost; maybe the entire world

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 23:30
Here we are... Insouciance rules the roost; maybe the entire world "THE thousand injuries of Fortunato I had borne as best I could, but when he ventured upon insult, I vowed revenge." Some of you recognize that famous line. It is from the renowned short story, 'The Cask of Amontillado', by literacy master, Edgar Allan Poe. Moreover, there is no better opening sentence than that one. Let us explore ...

Russia accuses British special services of staging Douma chemical attack

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 21:05
Reports on the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Douma  (in Eastern Ghouta) are a provocation arranged by intelligence services of the UK and probably the US to justify the aggression of these countries against Syrian President Bashar Assad, Russian Ambassador to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), Alexander Shulgin said, RBC reports."We have not just a "high degree of confidence", as our Western partners claim in a carbon-copy fashion, but we have incontrovertible evidence that there was no incident on April 7 in Douma. We have evidence to prove that all this was a planned provocation by British intelligence services, possibly with the participation of their senior allies from Washington," the official said during the session of the OPCW executive board.The diplomat stressed that Russia had already conducted its investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Douma and did not find either a single sign of the chemical attack or witnesses. There were no poisoned patients at the hospital, nor were there any traces of chemical munitions found. Shulgin also referred to two individuals, who appeared in the videos, which was allegedly filmed after the attack in Douma. Western policy-makers claimed that those videos were irrefutable evidence of the chemical attack. "They showed live interviews with those people on television, they showed the footage with their participation in the staged video, both participants have medical education, they are ER doctors working in the city of Douma," Shulgin said. The Russian Federation Permanent Representative to the OPCW reiterated the official version of the Russian authorities, according to which the chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta was extremely disadvantageous to the Assad regime, because the region had been practically liberated from militants, and there was an agreement reached with extremists about their departure from Douma. "If the outcome of the military confrontation in Douma was predetermined, why should the Syrians suddenly use chemical weapons to invoke the wrath of the world community? Only a madman can think of this, but they still promote this heavily at the highest political level and repeat these words cleverly in capitals of a number of countries," Shulgin said. On April 13, official representative of the Russian Defense Ministry, Igor Konashenkov, accused the UK of organising a provocation with a "chemical attack" in Douma. "We know for certain that from 3 to 6 of April London put powerful pressure on representatives of the so-called White Helmets for the speedy implementation of the provocation that had been prepared in advance," explained Konashenkov.Both London and Washington shrugged those remarks off and simply called them blatant lies. Pravda.Ru

USA's 'stupid missiles' ensure major victories for Russia on many fronts

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 17:06
The US-led missile attack on Syria was dubbed as "tripartite aggression" in Arab mass in reference to the invasion of Egypt by France, Israel and Britain in 1956 after Abdel Gamal Nasser nationalized the Suez Canal. During the Suez crisis, the Egyptians, with the help of the Soviet Union, ensured a huge political victory to Nasser.On Saturday, April 14, the West took great risk to exacerbate the confrontation with Russia. The risk was unjustified, as the West could wait for the conclusions of the OPCW commission on the use of chemical weapons in Syria's Douma. As of Friday evening, April 13, the US had no evidence to prove the chemical attack, other than guarantees from interested parties. It looked like the tripartite alliance was in a hurry to strike Syria, because Washington, London and Paris did not ask their parliaments for permission to use military force against the Arab Republic. The US is obviously revisiting the Iraq crisis from 2003, when the Americans launched the invasion of the country after they said that they knew where Saddam Hussein was hiding weapons of mass destruction. In 2003, France and Germany were opposed to the operation in Iraq, but it did not stop the US from attacking Hussein. Today, Macron, who has Total SA behind his back, probably decided that he should not lose Syrian oil, gas and transport interchanges just as ineptly. Most likely, Macron looked at the example of British Petroleum, which signed a memorandum of understanding with Iraq on the development of oil fields in the province of Kirkuk. US-based ExxonMobil has been very active in the region as well. Yet, there are other strong regional players in Syria: Israel, Turkey, Iran and monarchies of the Persian Gulf. There were no such players in 2003, when the Americans invaded Iraq. All these countries also want to grab pieces of Syria, its raw materials, territories and zones of influence. The West had to do something urgently, regardless of the conclusions of the OPCW. Something went wrong, though. It was either inability to analyze or pure cowardice, but the cruise missile attack on Syria had a purely political outcome that would not affect the outcome of the Syrian conflict. The attack yielded no geopolitical victory for the West at all. On the contrary, Washington has once again showed the world that America violates international law by striking a sovereign country without the approval from the UN and by violating its own constitutional restrictions, because there was no consent received from the parliament in the absence of a threat to national security.Donald Trump has also angered his voters, who want their president to stop spending money on useless wars. In August last year, when Trump announced his intention to send more troops to Afghanistan, he received thousands of tweets from people who wanted to know who was going to pay for that and what prospect the USA could have to win the war in Afghanistan. Many rightfully noted that the USA failed to achieve anything in Afghanistan with the 100,000-strong contingent, so it would be utterly useless to send a 4,000-strong military contingent there. A similar reaction followed last year's missile strike on Shayrat airbase in Syria. When Trump ordered to strike Shayrat, many were outraged about the fact that Trump, just like his predecessors, was continuing the line of devastating regime-changing wars, contrary to many of his pre-election promises. Pro-American militants in Syria were left dissatisfied with the bombings too. "These bombardments were ineffective. They did not destroy any of the bases, from where military aircraft took off to drop barrels (with chlorine) on civilians in Eastern Ghouta," an Islamist "activist" Khazem al-Shami told Al Jazeera. Representatives for Israel, Turkey and Persian monarchs showed no enthusiasm about the missile attack either. Soon after the US-led missile strike on Syria, the world could see thousands of Syrians supporting their President Bashar Assad in the streets of Damascus. Many people in Syria were thrilled about the fact that Assad could shoot down Tomahawk missiles. A couple of days later, it was revealed that Russia was going to supply its state-of-the-art air defense complexes to Syria and promised to increase pressure on "good" militants.Russia knows that the Trump administration has no strategy in Syria. The US, just like before, seeks to sow more chaos that would increase the number of refugees to Europe. According to Al Jazeera, Trump had coordinated the attack with Putin, because United Russia chairman Turchak was staying in Damascus on the night of the attack. However, it  can also be interpreted as a warning against reckless strikes. Most likely, the USA and Russia did not coordinate anything, as Russian diplomats would not have been so active several days before the attack. As one can see, the missile attack on Syria ended with major victories for Moscow on military, diplomatic and image-building fronts. The above-mentioned Suez crisis ended with huge popularity of then-Egyptian leader Nasser, who became very popular in the whole Arab world and in many countries of Latin America and Asia. That was a victory in the war against colonial and imperialist powers. The outcome of the Suez crisis inspired many nations to fight for freedom, political and economic independence. It would be very interesting to see how the Syrian crisis is going to end. Lyuba LulkoPravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

US wants to urgently invest $65 million in Donbass

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 13:22
The US authorities are to allocate up to $65 million through the Agency for International Development (USAID) for the "economic recovery" of the Donbass.The funds are believed to be used to strengthen trade ties of the region with Western Ukraine and the European Union to decrease its dependence on Russia.The contract says that Donetsk and Luhansk regions appear as priority areas for the implementation of the project. USAID analysts noted that the Donbass was in decline before the armed conflict sparked in Ukraine because of the lack of funding, but Russia exacerbated the situation in the region even more. Technically, a US contractor will thus have to establish ties between Donbass, Western Ukraine and the international market.In the United States, it is believed that stabilising the Donbass economy and providing assistance to small and medium-sized businesses will entail an increase in the number of private entrepreneurs and investors who will be ready to invest in this region.Thus, the US authorities intend to return the region to Ukraine and eliminate self-proclaimed republics of Donetsk and Luhansk. Moscow said many times before that Russia was not a party to the conflict in Ukraine, but a guarantor of the implementation of the Minsk Accords. The Minsk Accords, which envisage the reintegration of the People's Republic of Donetsk and the People's Republic of Luhansk into Ukraine, are doomed to failure, many specialists believe.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

US official says Russia could cover traces of chemical attack near Damascus

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 12:57
A US representative at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Kenneth Ward, accused Russia of plans to foil the investigation of the OPCW into the reports of alleged  chemical attack in Syria. According to the official, the Russians could cover all traces of the attack when visiting the site."It is our understanding the Russians may have visited the attack site. It is our concern that they may have tampered with it with the intent of thwarting the efforts of the OPCW Fact-Finding Mission to conduct an effective investigation," he said.Ward said during his speech that the OPCW condemns the Syrian authorities for using chemical terrorism. The US official also demanded the international community should give its assessment of the actions of those responsible for the attack. The news about the chemical attack near Damascus was disseminated by White Helmets organisation that showed several videos of аеру victims. However, on April 13, representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry said that the military managed to find several of those people who appeared in the video. According to them, the video was staged and filmed at a local hospital with the participation of White Helmets activists.Pravda.Ru

Crimea launches new international airport

Mon, 04/16/2018 - 12:32
A new international airport started working in the city of Simferopol, the Crimea, on April 16. According to media reports, a Moscow-Simferopol flight of Nordwind airline landed at the airport of Simferopol at around 08:20 Moscow time.The new airport in the Crimea was designed by South Korean company Samoo Architects & Engineers, which is known as one of the leading architectural companies in the world. To create a wave-like silhouette of the new air terminal, specialists assembled more than 5.7 thousand tons of metal constructions.The airport was built in 22 months. The investment agreement for the construction of the new complex of Simferopol Airport was signed two years ago, in April 2016, as part of the II Yalta International Economic Forum.As much as 30 percent of the funds were attracted at the expense of investors, whereas the remaining 70% of the funds were attracted as a loan from Crimean banks. Since 2015, the airport serves more than 5 million passengers a year.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

The Lesson from Iraq, (the final) Chapter Three

Sun, 04/15/2018 - 22:20
The Lesson from Iraq, (the final) Chapter Three The FUKUS Axis (France-UK-US) has attacked a sovereign nation outside the auspices of the UNSC, constituting a criminal and murderous act of terrorism. Again. I am going to be short, sharp and shit-hot in this piece, and I apologise for my frankness but it is what I believe. What happened at the end of last week in Syria was predictable. Sickeningly predictable. And it was based upon the Iraq Lesson in the annals of fuck-head diplomacy written by imperialist shitheads regurgitating their criminal, murderous pasts based upon slaughter of innocent people, drawing lines on maps and stealing resources. This time around, for the very worst reasons.

Trump and Syria: "The worst case scenario is now our reality."

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 21:32
Trump and Syria: "The worst case scenario is now our reality." As all becomes ever more rapidly surreal it seems that, barring a miracle, Draft Dodger in Chief, Donald Trump might trigger a world war, over an incident in Syria which is entirely evidence free. The discredited White Helmets - a "rescue" group only operating in areas held by "rebels" who routinely decapitate, including children, set fire to people and commit numerous unspeakable acts - have produced a video of an apparent chemical attack on 7th April.

Russian FM Lavrov: US missiles conceal traces of Washington's crimes in Syria

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 18:02
The United States, France and the United Kingdom struck the missile blow on Syria a few days before OPCW experts were going to visit Douma to investigate reports about the chemical attack,  Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said at the annual assembly of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy. The minister noted that Damascus did not create any obstacles for experts coming to investigate the incident in Douma."Of course, it is clear to everyone that this happened the day before OPCW inspectors, who already arrived in Beirut, were to move to the site of the incident to find either the presence or absence of evidence of the use of chemical weapons," Lavrov said. Sergei Lavrov also said that the experts already confirmed their readiness to go to the city of Douma despite the missile attack. Lavrov recalled that a similar situation occurred a year ago, before the USA struck Shayrat airbase in Syria. The Foreign Minister noted that Western countries did not provide convincing evidence of what had happened then either. "As you have heard, the US president, the prime minister of Great Britain, the French president said that they had irrefutable facts proving that it was Assad who used chemical substances in Douma. We heard similar statements a year ago, when doubtful videos were demonstrated as irrefutable facts. Then it was miraculously revealed that the OPCW received samples from France and the UK and that there was sarin in them," the minister said.The idea for chemical experts from France to visit the site of the alleged attack in Douma was expressed during a telephone conversation between Vladimir Putin and Emmunuel Macron. "We agreed that there would be contacts through defence departments for the purpose, but none of our French colleagues contacted either the Russian Defence Ministry or the Foreign Affairs Ministry," Lavrov said. Pravda.Ru Also read: USA and allies strike Syria again. Russia does not defend Syria again

Russia furious about aggression of USA and allies against Syria

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 15:46
Putin furious about USA's attack on Syria. Russian officials say the US-led coalition committed a terrorist act against a sovereign state, and the West will have to answer for that.Russian President Vladimir Putin called the missile attack of the USA, France and Great Britain on Syria "an act of aggression against a sovereign state." The United States exacerbates the humanitarian disaster in Syria and indulge terrorists, Putin said. Russia convenes an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with the missile attack on Syria, the Kremlin website says. Also read: USA and allies strike Syria again. Russia does not move into action. Again"The current escalation of the situation around Syria shows a devastating impact on the whole system of international relations. History will put everything in its place, and it has already held  Washington responsible for the bloody massacre of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya," Putin said in a statement. "Russia strongly condemns the attack on Syria, where Russian servicemen assist the legitimate government of Syria in the fight against terrorism," Putin's statement also said. "With its actions, the United States further exacerbates the humanitarian disaster in Syria and brings suffering to the civilian population, thus, in fact, indulging the terrorists, who have been tormenting the Syrian people for seven years," the Russian president said. Putin also stressed that the missile attack was conducted "without the approval from the UN Security Council and in violation of the UN Charter, norms and principles of international law." He called the missile attack "an act of aggression against a sovereign state that remains at the forefront of the fight against terrorism.""Again, like a year ago, when the US attacked the Shayrat airbase in Syria, a staged use of poisonous substances against the civilian population was used as a pretext for the attack. Russian military experts, having visited the place of the alleged incident in Douma, near Damascus, did not find traces of either chlorine or other poisonous substances. No local resident confirmed the fact of the chemical attack either," Putin also pointed out.The Kremlin's statement also says that the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons sent its experts to Syria to clarify all circumstances of the incident in Douma. "Yet, the group of Western countries disregarded that cynically and arranged a military action without waiting for the outcome of the investigation," the Russian president said. A spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, said that the attack of the US-led coalition on Syria would put an end on the process of negotiations about the conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic. Russia promised to prove the illegality of the attack at an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council. "By and large, this action has sent a very powerful message to extremists and militants telling them that they have been doing everything right," Zakharova said.According to her, the UN Security Council will soon be convened  to discuss the situation in Syria, and the Russian side intends to prove the "illegality" of the actions of the United States and other countries that joined the missile attack on Syria on April 14. "It just so happens that the countries that struck Syria support the terrorists who were behind the alleged use of chemical weapons blaming Damascus for what they did," the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry added.At the same time, despite the missile attack on Syria, Russia continues to maintain contact with the United States and other countries that participated in the attack, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said in an interview with the Kommersant newspaper. "I responsibly declare that the channels of communication between military departments of various levels have been preserved and they function. The nature of the exchange of information and assessments is a separate issue. I do not think that in the current situation it would be right to go into details of what is happening, " Mr. Ryabkov said. Ryabkov noted that it is rather difficult to refer to these contacts as "cooperation" between the two countries. He described the nature of relations between Russia and the United States as a "permanent argument." "These arguments spilled over into public space, and they are the subject of universal attention. Clearly, talking about cooperation under these conditions would be a sin against the truth," he explained.Ryabkov added that Washington and its allies have been "moving away from the need to observe the norms of international law steadily." "They have been moving away from even from standard canons of diplomatic communication." Thus, Western countries cause damage to the whole system of international relations. The key problem at this point is the commitment of the United States and its allies to "unilateral actions," Ryabkov said. Pravda.Ru

USA and allies strike Syria. Russia does not move into action, warns of consequences

Sat, 04/14/2018 - 08:16
The United States, France and the United Kingdom launched a military operation against Syria on Saturday, April 14, at night. At first, US President Trump appeared in a televised address to the nation, in which he said that he ordered the US Armed Forces to attack objects related to the potential of chemical weapons of the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad. Soon afterwards, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May announced that they were joining the USA for the missile attack on Syria. Trump also said that Syria's sitting and legitimate President Bashar Assad was a monster, whereas the missile attack on Syria came as a result of Russia's inability to stop the proliferation of chemical weapons in the country. According eyewitnesses, a whole series of loud explosions could be heard in the Syrian capital of Damascus. A huge column of black smoke is seen rising in the east of the city. A military source told Reuters that the attack targets numerous sites throughout Syria. In the operation, the USA uses Tomahawk missiles. The US used the same missiles in last year's attack on a Syrian army base. It was also reported that missiles struck Barzeh neighborhood in Damascus, where large research centers are located. The USA and its allies target Syrian army bases as well. A spokesperson for the US State Department refused to answer the question of whether the US authorities notified Russia about the start of the operation. Officials with the Russian Defense Ministry said that none of the missiles has struck the area of responsibility of Russia's air defenses covering the facilities in Tartus and Khmeymim. A Russian military official also said that the attack lasted for more than an hour, from 03:42 till 05:10 MSK. The list of targets included objects of military and civil infrastructure of Syria. Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said that Moscow had warned it would not leave such actions without consequences.The United States and its allies have fired more than 100 missiles at objects in Syria during the attack on April 14. Syrian air defense forces have shot down many of them, representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry said. During the strike in April 2017, the US launched 59 cruise missiles. Syria used its old Soviet-made missile defense complexes to defend itself against the missile attack of the Western coalition. They are such systems as S-125, S-200, Buk and Kvadrat - they were produced more than 30 years ago in the Soviet Union, a Russian official said. Earlier, the Defense Ministry said that the air defense and missile defense systems of the Russian army deployed in Syria did not enter the battle, because none of the coalition missiles struck Russia's zone of responsibility.According to Syrian state-run SANA news agency, at least three civilians were injured when Syrian air defense forces shot down one of the missiles. According to the agency, news reports about the destruction of objects in Syria were exaggerated, as many of the missiles were destroyed before they reached their targets. Reportedly, Damascus managed to evacuate military men and hardware from the objects targeted by the Western coalition after Russia warned the Syrian troops of the impending attack. Pravda.Ru

Ever growing long-standing Turkish-Russian relationship

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 20:27
By Harun Yahya Mr. Putin, Mr. Erdoğan and Mr. Rouhani, the leaders of Russia, Turkey and Iran respectively, the three guarantor countries of the Astana peace process, convened last week at the Ankara summit. The meeting, which was scheduled, was particularly significant in terms of Turkey being the destination of Mr. Putin's first international visit following his election victory. In addition to finding wide coverage in the Russian, Turkish and Iranian press, the tripartite summit attracted worldwide attention as well. In the final session of the Astana process, which will play a defining role in Syria's future, the leaders put particular emphasis on ensuring the territorial sovereignty and integrity of the country as well as achieving a political resolution of the crisis through the neutralization of the terrorist elements in the region. The leaders also underlined the fact that the three countries are committed to working together on the issue and will maintain this cooperation without backing down from it in the future as well.

The Trump regime is insane

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 19:57
By Paul Craig Roberts Is it insane to push for war with Russia, a major nuclear power? Is it insane to threaten Russia and bring false charges against her? Is it insane to brag about killing "hundreds of Russians"?  A normal person would answer "yes" to the three questions. So what does this tell us about Trump's government as these insane actions are the principle practice of Trump's government?

Russian Defense Ministry says Russia has evidence proving Douma chemical attack was fake

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 17:37
The West continues accusing the Syrian leadership of the use of chemical weapons in the city of  Douma. However, the Russian side has evidence proving that the chemical attack that allegedly took place on April 7 was a staged provocation, official representative of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, Major-General Igor Konashenkov said at a press briefing. "The USA and several Western countries continue their unfounded accusations claiming that the Syrian government used chemical weapons against the peaceful population of Eastern Ghouta. Almost a week has passed, but neither the United States nor several European countries have provided any evidence proving the alleged use of poisonous substances by Syrian troops in the city of Douma on April 7," Konashenkov said.According to him, the Russian Ministry of Defense has evidence proving that there was a planned provocation carried out in Douma, the purpose of which was to mislead the international community."Its true goal is clear to everyone - to push the US to striking missile blows on Syria," Konashenkov stressed.Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia had irrefutable evidence proving that the incident involving the use of chemical weapons in the Syrian city of Douma was a false-flag operation conducted by foreign special services.Pravda.Ru

Russian Navy admiral says Russia will torpedo US warships, if need be

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 17:04
A Russian Navy official said that USS Donald Cook can be destroyed with a Russian torpedo.Russian Navy Admiral Vladimir Masorin, former commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, told Zvezda television channel: "It is unlikely that we will have to sink the Donald Cook. Yet, a torpedo is a very effective weapon that causes considerable damage to a vessel. Clearly, we are going to deal with a lot of pressure, but war is a dangerous thing for the Americans in the first place. They live in a completely different world over there, but we have no fear, we are fed up with the Americans, they are like a burr in the saddle." Former deputy commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Force on issues of the CIS Joint Air Defense System, Lieutenant General Aitech Bizhev added that "Russian anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense forces in Syria should be considered as a whole system with Russia." The general referred to the recent effort of Syrian anti-aircraft forces to intercept five of eight missiles fired by Israeli fighters. "The 0.6 coefficient is not good enough, but those were old systems," the official said. One should bear in mind Russia's state-of-the-art systems S-400, which Russia deployed at Khmeymim airbase and Tartus logistics base. The US Defense Department is concerned about the possible prospect of an open confrontation between Washington and Moscow. Russia wanted to shoot down US missiles and destroy US warships in the event Russian military men in Syria are killed in a US missile attack on the country. If Moscow retaliates, a spontaneous exchange of nuclear strikes may occur. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

USA swears to force Russia to return Crimea

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 15:55
Robert Karem, US Deputy Defense Minister for International Security Affairs, said that anti-Russian sanctions would be preserved as the US administration does not want to let Russia destabilize the state of affairs in Ukraine further. He also noted that the USA supports the idea of the peacekeeping mission in the Donbass."The US and its partners will continue to pressure Russia to comply with the Minsk accords. Sanctions will continue until this condition is implemented. Sanctions in connection with Crimea will also remain in effect until the annexation of the peninsula ends," Karem said. The Crimea became a part of Russia as a result of the referendum in March 2014, when the majority of Crimean residents voted for reunification with Russia.US intelligence services showed blatant incompetence, when they failed to predict Moscow's behavior, the head of the intelligence committee Devin Nunes.In an interview with CNN Nunes that the US had missed the Russian "invasion" of the Crimea and failed to foresee the deployment of Russian  troops in Syria.According to him, "the biggest intelligence failure that we have had since 9/11 has been the inability to predict the leadership plans and intentions of the Putin regime in Russia." "We missed that [Russia's invasion of Ukraine] and then we completely missed entirely when they put a new base, a new base with aircraft into the Mediterranean, into Syria. We just missed it. We were blind.""The intelligence community has continued to get this wrong. And, look, I think it's all of us are to blame, right? And I think the White House is to blame. I think Congress is to blame. I think many of our allies are to blame, because we misjudged Putin for many, many years," Devin Nunes continued. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, chemical attack in Syria - reality or myth?

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 15:02
By Sawraj Singh Western countries are making a lot of noise about the chemical attack in Syria. Without any solid proof, they have already blamed the Syrian government. This accusation brings back the painful memories of  Western countries blaming Saddam for hiding weapons of mass destruction. This accusation was used as a justification for attacking Iraq. This attack can be called one of the biggest tragedies in modern history. However, no weapons of mass destruction have been found till today. This false western propaganda proved a blatant lie whose only purpose was to get rid of Saddam. The world is still paying dearly for this disaster in Iraq. Western countries seem to be getting ready for another disaster of much bigger proportions in which not only Syria or the Middle East can be almost completely destroyed but it can endanger the whole world and the mankind. This time, it is not the West against a small country with a very limited capability to retaliate but is against a country which has more advanced weapons and bigger stockpile of nuclear weapons than any of them. We can imagine what will happen if Russia decides to retaliate.

Details of Russia's response to USA's sanctions exposed

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 13:48
As a response to US sanctions, Russian MPs suggested Russian employers should not hire US citizens and citizens of the countries, who supported the imposition of sanctions against Russia. The draft law about Russia's response to US sanctions was published on the website of the lower house of the parliament. The prohibition to hire US employees, the authors of the document wrote, may affect even "highly qualified specialists."According to Russian MPs, such a move is to "protect the rights and freedoms of Russians, as well as interests and security of the Russian Federation" after the introduction of new sanctions against Russian companies, businessmen and heads of state-run corporations.In another initiative, Russian MP suggest restricting the activities of American auditors, as well as legal and consulting companies "to ensure state and municipal needs, as well as the needs of certain types of legal entities."The above-mentioned and other restrictions will affect companies that remain under the jurisdiction of the United States, as well as the companies, in which more than 25% belong to American legal entities. In addition, the measures will be taken against the companies from the countries that joined the actions of the US authorities and imposed economic sanctions on certain sectors of the Russian economy, Russian companies and individuals.The above-mentioned draft law provides for measures relating to services and goods from the United States of America:prohibition or restriction of imports of agricultural products, raw materials and food;-   prohibition or restriction of imports of alcohol and tobacco products;-   prohibition or restriction of imports of medicines, except for those whose analogues are not produced in Russia;-   prohibition or restriction of exports of products and equipment from rare earth metals;-   prohibition of state and municipal purchases of technological equipment and software;-   exhaustion of the exclusive right to trademarks in respect of goods owned by US citizens;-   prohibition to attract highly qualified specialists;setting higher fees on air navigation services for aircraft engaged in the transportation of goods and using Russian airspace. Furthermore, Russia intends to terminate cooperation with the USA in the following industries: - atomic industry;- aircraft building;- rocket industry;- consulting, auditing and legal services.The above-menrtioned organisations will also be prohibited from participating in sales of federal property and privatisation.The text of the bill also says that the Russian government will have the right to expand the list of services and goods that fall under restrictions. To crown it all, the Russian authorities will be able to make the list of US citizens who will be banned from entering Russia.Pravda.Ru

Russia punches USA in the stomach

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 13:15
Russia will be able to make products without the permission of rights holders in the United States and US-supporting countries. This regulation is present in the draft law, which provides for retaliatory measures to anti-Russian sanctions. Measures of influence include "exhaustion of the exclusive right to trademarks in respect of the products included on the list determined by the Government of the Russian Federation, the rights owners of which are citizens of the United States and other foreign states or organisations under the jurisdiction of the United States and other foreign states, as well as organisations, the capital of which directly or indirectly, inter alia through third parties (dominant participation of more than 25% in the capital), involves organisations under the jurisdiction of the United States and other foreign countries."According to First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee, Mikhail Emelyanov, it means that Russia "will be able to produce these products ourselves once we have the technology, without the permission of the rights holder.""That is, we punch the Americans in the stomach, because all the successes and, and above all, the domination of the Anglo-Saxon and Western world is ensured precisely by the right of intellectual property, and we are striking a blow to this right," Interfax quotes Emelyanov as saying. Earlier, Pravda.Ru reported that the draft law providing for retaliatory measures in response to US sanctions was submitted to the State Duma. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia prepares major response to US sanctions

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 12:51
A draft law providing for retaliatory measures in response to US sanctions has been submitted to the State Duma (the Parliament) of the Russian Federation. "The draft law has been elaborated as a response to challenges from the United States of America, their officials, expressed in unfriendly and unconstructive actions to impose sanctions on both the Russian Federation and its citizens and legal entities," Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said. An extraordinary meeting of the Council of the State Duma, which will consider the draft federal law "On measures of influence (counteraction) to unfriendly actions of the United States and (or) other foreign states," its to take place on April 16."We plan to discuss the draft law at the State Duma Council with the participation of representatives of all factions, to send it to our colleagues in Russian regions, to work with experts and the Russian government once again, and then we will consider it at the next Duma meeting," Volodin said.The draft law on Russia's measures in response to US sanctions contains a ban on the imports of American agricultural products, as well as alcohol and tobacco products, First Vice-Speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov said. "This bill is about banning or restricting the import of agricultural products, raw materials and food, the country of origin of which is the United States," First Deputy Speaker of the State Duma Ivan Melnikov told RIA Novosti.According to him, this applies to the countries that support sanctions against Russia."It's about alcohol and tobacco products ... It's about medicines, it's about banning participation in the procedure of privatisation of state and municipal property, it's about prohibiting or restricting the admission of technological equipment and software," Melnikov said.The deputy added that Russia's retaliatory measures also provide for the suspension of cooperation with the United States in the nuclear, aircraft-making and rocket-propulsion sectors."We are talking about the moves to either terminate or suspend international cooperation of Russia and Russian legal entities with the United States and organisations that remain under the jurisdiction of the United States, in the nuclear industry, in aircraft building, in rocket and propulsion industry," Melnikov said.Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Ka-29 military helicopter crashes into Baltic Sea during exercises, 2 killed

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 11:53
A Ka-29 military helicopter crashed into the Baltic Sea. Two people on board the helicopter are believed to have been killed in the crash. The body of one of them has already been recovered. The victims were said to be test pilots. The accident occurred during night test flights. The helicopter was found 12 kilometres off the coast of the Baltic Sea. Fragments of the helicopter and an oil stain on the water were found. The Ka-29 crashed as the pilots were testing their skills to land the helicopter on the deck of a ship. Four landings went well, but the fifth one failed. The reasons for the crash remain unknown. The Russian Baltic Fleet is currently conducing naval exercises in the Baltic Sea. Ka-29, an upgrade of Ka-27, is a deck-based transport-combat helicopter. The helicopter was developed by Kamov Design Bureau in the early 1980s. The helicopter is designed to solve problems of anti-submarine defence. Pravda.Ru

Russia blocks Telegram

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 11:05
The Tagansky District Court of Moscow ruled to restrict access to Telegram messenger in Russia. For the time being, it remains unknown whether the company is going to appeal the court ruling. A Telegram representative did not attend the court session. On April 12, the creator and CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, ordered his lawyers not to take part in the trial "not to legitimise blatant farce" with their presence.According to Russian legislation, organisers of information channels on the Internet, which include messengers, e-mail services, etc., are supposed to provide keys to decrypt user correspondence at the request from the Federal Security Bureau (FSB). The FSB requested decryption keys from Telegram back in mid-July of 2017. However, Pavel Durov stated that his service was not going to  implement laws that were "incompatible with the protection of privacy and privacy policy" of the messenger. In addition, representatives of Telegram noted that it would be technically impossible to meet FSB's requirements. In particular, in so-called secret chats, correspondence is encrypted with the use of end-to-end method, in which keys are stored on users' devices.On March 20, Roskomnadzor (the Federal Service for Supervision for Information Technologies and Mass Media) issued an official notice to Telegram on the need to comply with the requirements of the FSB. The watchdog warned the service that it would take the matter to court unless the keys are provided within 15 days. In response, Pavel Durov said that the language of threats would not work, whereas the company would continue protecting "freedom and privacy."As a result, Roskomnadzor filed a lawsuit demanding the messenger be blocked in Russia on April 6. As it became known on April 11, Telegram acts as an interested person, rather than a defendant on the case. Yet, the federal agency insisted on the immediate execution of the court decision about  the blocking of Telegram.Pravda.Ru

Europa League: On to the Semis

Fri, 04/13/2018 - 00:16
CSKA did not manage to turn the game around, neither did Sporting but Salzburg and Marseille did. Arsenal and Atlético join them in the semis. Second Legs Marseille (France) 5 Leipzig (Germany) 2 Aggregate 5-3

We are all Russians now!

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 17:56
By Hans Vogel It is difficult to judge just what to think of the tweets the present White Madhouse resident has been regaling us with. Are these the tweets of just another psychopath or of a frustrated boy still wet behind the ears. Are these the tweets of a real man with a sense of responsibility? Or is Mr. Trump merely doing whatever he is told to do by the "Deep State?" At any rate, the level to which the White Madhouse resident has been stooping (to say nothing of the shrieking by the deranged harpy acting as US representative at the UN) has never been reached in modern times. As a matter of fact, the entire US power elite seems to consist of the likes of mentally challenged sopranos such as John McCain and bloodthirsty cowards such as John Bolton. Even the vilified Nazis seem to have operated at higher intellectual, if not moral levels. To my surprise, as citizen of an obedient vassal state that is firmly embedded in the US empire, and that merely conserves some of the trappings of an sovereign nation, I still feel ashamed. Ashamed to be associated (no matter how tenuously) with the band of bloodthirsty war criminals in Washington. Ashamed to be a citizen of a nation that took part in the 1999 genocidal bombings of Serbia (at least 6,000 killed), a nation that furnished NATO mercenaries for the recolonization of Afghanistan since 2001, and Iraq since 2003, that aided in the 2011 genocide in Libya (100,000 killed), and that today, like a faithful little dog, follows the Washington regime as it tries to unleash World War III.

Russian police banned from going to McDonald's

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 17:42
Russian police officers in the Krasnodar region are not allowed to visit McDonald's restaurants and other food outlets. They are not allowed to either smile or frown, sit when traveling in commuter buses and cheat on their spouses.A snapshot of the official order from the administration of the regional head of the Interior Affairs Ministry was published by "338" Telegram channel on Thursday, April 12. However, an informed source said that it was fake news. At the same time, it was said that curfew patrols will watch the implementation of the new regulations that come into force from June 1.Moreover, police officers serving in the Krasnodar region will not be allowed to wear T-shirts with prints in foreign languages even when they go on vacation. Most likely, the document is a fake, because the signature on it contains a spelling mistake in the name of the regional police chief, General Vladimir Vinevsky. Pravda.Ru

Russia takes its warships from Tartus into open waters of Mediterranean Sea

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 17:20
Russian warships traveled into open waters of the Mediterranean Sea for security reasons, the head of the State Duma Defence Committee, Vladimir Shamanov said. "In case of a threat, the ships compactly located at the berths will leave for the zone of near manoeuvring to not to let one projectile destroy more than one ship at once," the official said. Shamanov stressed that this is "common practice" because ships need to be dispersed to "thereby increase their vitality."Earlier, it was reported that Russian warships left the port of Tartus over the threat of a missile strike, which is being prepared by the Western coalition.Image Satellite Internacional published satellite images showing that the port was empty. Until April 11 there were seven Russian warships, two Grachonok boats and two Kilo class submarines.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia to test superheavy rocket in 10 years, Putin says

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 15:36
Russian President Vladimir Putin paid a visit to "Cosmos" pavilion at VDNH (Exhibition of Economic Achievements) on April 12 and said that Russia was going to test the new superheavy rocket in ten years."A superheavy rocket, the first test is scheduled to take place in ten years," he said. He also spoke about the need to build a special launching site for trials at Vostochny Cosmodrome."We plan to start working in this direction in the near future. We are already working on a heavy rocket, now we'll need to work on a superheavy one," Putin added. Earlier, Roskosmos officials did not exclude cooperation with China for the creation of a superheavy rocket. During his visit to "Cosmos" pavilion at VDNH, Putin talked to famous Russian cosmonauts. The president was asked whether Russia was planning to send cosmonauts to the Moon. "Yes. The program is before 2030. The program to build the "Federation" spaceship is coming to an end. At first, there's the lunar orbit, a flight around the Moon, then there's a station on the lunar orbit, and then - modules on the Moon itself," Putin said describing several stages of the lunar exploration project that the Russian space industry develops. On April 12, Russia marks the Space Exploration Day, or the Cosmonautics Day. Putin congratulated cosmonauts on their professional holiday.Pravda.Ru

OPCW plays into UK's hands

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 15:13
Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were poisoned with a toxic chemical, a report from the OPCW said.Sky News, however, referred to the poison as "Novichok," even though the OPCW report does not call the substance so.The OPCW report states that experts found particles of a toxic chemical in samples taken from the site, where the Skripals were poisoned in Salisbury. The poison was also found in blood samples of Sergei and Yulia Skripal. Earlier, the Daily Mail reported with reference to the British Foreign Office that experts completed the investigation into the Salisbury incident and handed over the report of the United Kingdom. Thus, the OPCW confirmed the version of the British side.The OPCW report states that the chemical the toxic substance was of high purity and contained almost no impurities. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called the OPCW report "convincing.""Today the international chemical weapons watchdog have confirmed the findings of the United Kingdom relating to the identity of the toxic chemical used in the attempted assassination of Mr Skripal and his daughter, and which also resulted in the hospitalisation of a British police officer. That was a military grade nerve agent - a Novichok," UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson," he said.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia ready for military operation in Syria, warns of catastrophic consequences

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 14:21
On Monday, Donald Trump announced that the United States would strike a missile blow on Syria within 48 hours. Afterwards, he called Russia to get ready as US was going to use "nice, new and smart" missiles for the attack. On April 12, Donald Trump tweeted: "Never said when an attack on Syria would take place. Could be very soon or not so soon at all! In any event, the United States, under my Administration, has done a great job of ridding the region of ISIS*. Where is our "Thank you America?"Moscow preferred not to respond to Trump's bellicose tweets that he made on April 11. Putin's official spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that Moscow was not a champion of Twitter diplomacy. "We are supporters of serious approaches. We still believe that it is vital not to take the steps that could harm the already fragile situation," he said. A representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, later said that smart missiles should fly in the direction of terrorists, rather than the legitimate government of Syria that also struggles against terrorism. The USA intends to strike Syria in response to the alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma. However, the fact of the attack has not been confirmed. Why would Syrian President Bashar Assad want to gas civilians in a situation when the West had clearly warned him many times that he would thus cross the "red line." How could he conduct a chemical attack if the OPCW had officially confirmed that the Syrian government had destroyed all poisonous substances?Meanwhile, the Pentagon has several scenarios for a military operation against Damascus, including a variant of joint actions with Great Britain and France. Donald Trump held negotiations with British Prime Minister Theresa May and French President Emmanuel Macron on Tuesday, April 10. The UK was against a "hasty response" and asked for additional evidence of what had happened in Douma. On Wednesday, Pentagon chief James Mattis admitted that the department was still investigating the incident in Syria's Douma. On Wednesday, officials with the Russian Defence Ministry did not make any harsh statements. Vladimir Poznikhir, First Deputy Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff, said that the USA should rather restore the ruined city of Raqqa and provide comprehensive assistance to the impoverished population. "We know that the US carrier group (Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier and seven accompanying ships - ed.) headed towards the Persian Gulf, with an approximate arrival date in early May," the Russian general said, adding that the presence of the US Navy in the region was not unusual at all. He also criticised the World Health Organisation and talked about the achievements of the Russian Defence Ministry in stabilising the situation in Syria. According to the Kommersant, such a position of the Russian side can be explained with secret negotiations that Russia is conducting with the United States on the line of General Staffs. The head of the Duma Defence Committee, Vladimir Shamanov, told Rossiya 24 television channel that the Russian military maintain contacts with NATO through the mediation of Turkish counterparts. "Russia has decent weapons, and if the US wants to see how they work, they will see an effective rebuff," Shamanov also said. The Russian Defence Ministry has already prepared a list of measures that the Russian military are ready to resort to should the conflict escalate further. Earlier, the head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, Valery Gerasimov, said that Russia would open fire on both missiles and their carriers to stave off a threat to the Russian military in Syria. Gerasimov was obviously alluding to Russia's determination to destroy US warships and aircraft. This is the strongest statement that Russian officials have made so far. To demonstrate its determination, the Russian Navy restricted the navigation zone near the coast of Syria, where the country plans to hold firing exercises. The zone will be closed for navigation on April 11-12, April 17-19 and April 25-26 from 10 to 18 Moscow time. Russia currently has about 15 warships and support vessels of the Black Sea Fleet in the region, including carriers of Caliber cruise missiles Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen frigates, as well as diesel-electric Varshavyanka submarines and nuclear submarines Shchuka-B). In addition, anti-submarine Il-38N aircraft capable of detecting enemy submarines were also deployed in Syria. At the same time, Russia conducts the 24-hour monitoring of the situation in the Mediterranean region with the help of both ground-based systems and long-range radar A-50 aircraft tracking the movement of the USS Donald Cook. S-400 Triumf and Pantsir-C1 systems were put on alert to cover Khmeymim air base and the Russian Navy logistics center in Tartus. A source at the Russian Defence Ministry said that "none of these objects should get in the line of fire, otherwise consequences will be catastrophic." Russia also expects to receive coordinates of the targets which the US plans to strike similarly to the practice from April 7, 2017, before the USA attacked Shayrat air base. *ISIS is a terrorist organisation banned in RussiaPravda.Ru

Champions: Real, Bayern, Liverpool, Roma

Thu, 04/12/2018 - 00:19
Champions: Real, Bayern, Liverpool, Roma Liverpool, Roma, Real and Bayern in the semi-finals. Moral of the story: never under-estimate or write off an Italian team. Roma eliminated Barcelona with a 3-0 victory in the second leg after losing the first 4-1: Juventus almost forced Real to extra time until, who else? Cristiano Ronaldo scored the penalty in the last gasp of the match (90+8).

Animal Trump hides behind Syrian children to kill them

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 20:27
The hypocritical howling of Western politicians about all the misery that Syrian children have to go through makes one recollect the fate of Iraqi, Serbian and Vietnamese children. Do you remember what former Secretary of State Albright said when she was asked about half a million Iraqi children who died because of American sanctions? Donald Trump tries to justify the imminent missile attack on Syria with the need to destroy "Animal Assad" who gases Syrian children and tortures civilians in besieged cities."When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal ... that crosses many, many lines, beyond a red line," US President Donald Trump told reporters in April 2017. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley claimed that "Russian hands are all covered in the blood of Syrian children." Who is killing Syrian children? The Russian ambassador to the United Nations stated that the chemical attack in Syria's Douma was staged. The trajectory of the alleged chemical bomb looks unnatural. The doubts of Western sources about the identification of the chemical agent used in the attack also look suspicious. At first it was reported that the bomb was filled with sarin, then reports were corrected to chlorine. In fact, it is only chemists and independent experts, who can identify the poison when they take samples directly on the site. At the same time, it is impossible to do it, because no sane organisation will send its people to a war zone.What good could Bashar Assad gain from the alleged chemical attack, given the fact that he already has Eastern Ghouta under control? Assad is winning the war in Syria at a time when Donald Trump was talking about the need to pull US troops out from Syria. Why does Assad need to gas Syrian children? At the same time, this seems to be a goal to achieve for the Islamic group, which settled in Eastern Ghouta.This attack is beneficial to the Americans as well. In fact, it is not Bashar Assad and his "atrocities" that determine the policy of the United States. The "atrocities" of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi did not determine the US policy either. The policy of the United States is determined by the fact that the above-mentioned leaders did not want or do not want to succumb to the Americans and the world government that they have created. In this regard, expressions of public concerns for Syrian children appear to be just an excuse to unleash punitive actions against Assad. The United States kills hundreds of thousands of children around the world In 1996, a report from the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said that 567,000 Iraqi children under the age of five years died as a result of the sanctions that the USA had imposed on Iraq for invading Kuwait. Those children died from diseases and malnutrition. Then US Secretary of State Albright was asked whether the goal (the liberation of Iraqis from Hussein's "tyranny") was worth the price. "We think it was worth it," Albright said.Later, when the United States unleashed the war against Iraq, they held a siege of Fallujah in 2004 by bombarding the town with cluster bombs stuffed with depleted uranium and white phosphorus. In 2010, as Patrick Cockburn wrote for The Independent, the number of crippled children in Fallujah was 13 times the average European level. Two or three children with congenital abnormalities would be born in the town every day. The number of cases of leukemia increased 38 times. Local authorities were forced to urge women to abstain from pregnancy.Such bombs had been used in the Persian Gulf in 1991 and then in Yugoslavia in 1999. Because of those mini-nuclear wars, women of Basra give birth to limbless, eyeless and two-headed babies.  Congenital abnormalities are diagnosed in more than 50% of newborns. However, no one cares about the problem, Darya Aslamova reported in the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper. So who is the "animal" here?In Serbia, Aslamova wrote, doctors are too scared to collect facts for the criminal prosecution of "those gangsters from NATO." "We are going to be killed one after another," doctors say. To understand all the horror of these facts, one can bear in mind the fact that uranium half-life takes up to 4.5 billion years.According to the Vietnamese Red Cross, babies born in the areas where the Americans used to spay Agent Orange during the 1960s and the 1970s, get sick much more frequently, they suffer from congenital abnormalities - there are nearly one million people who have to live like this. Do US or British officials care a bit about those Iraqi, Serbian or Vietnamese children? Yet, they seem to be concerned too much about Syrian children. This is what the horror of the situation is all about. It is only utter scoundrel, who can hide behind innocent children to commit aggression against them - Animal Trump.Lyuba Lulko (Stepushova)Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Bus with Russian journalists shelled in Syria's Eastern Ghouta

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 19:11
In Syria's Eastern Ghouta, unknown individuals opened fire at a bus with Russian journalists. Several people were wounded, the press service of the Russian Ministry of Defense said. According to the ministry, at about 6:20 p.m. the bus with Russian journalists was attacked and fired upon as the journalists were returning after working on a report about the state of affairs in Eastern Ghouta. The fire was opened from small arms. "As a result of the attack, NTV channel correspondent Alexei Ivlev, Rossiya-1 TV channel cameraman Mikhail Vitkin and Zvezda TV channel cameraman Vladislav Dodonov received minor injuries to their legs," representatives of the Defence Ministry said. Paramedics of the Russian Center for Reconciliation provided all necessary assistance to the wounded; their lives are out of danger. Pravda.Ru

Putin: The world is plunging into chaos

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 18:04
Russian President Vladimir Putin stated that the current state of affairs in the world is becoming "more and more chaotic." Speaking at the ceremony with ambassadors of 17 countries, Putin said that he was very concerned about the current situation in the world. "Indeed, the state of affairs in the world can not but cause concerns. The situation in the world is becoming more chaotic. Nevertheless, we still hope that common sense will eventually prevail and international relations will enter the constructive course, and the entire world system will become more stable and predictable," Putin said. The President added that diplomats play a special role in the world today. According to Putin, the heads of diplomatic offices have a responsible mission - to promote the development of relations with Russia.Putin noted that Russia is ready to support all constructive initiatives. "You can count on support from the Russian leadership, government bodies, business circles and the general public of our country," Putin assured.On April 11, ambassadors of Austria, Benin, Vietnam, the Gambia, Ghana, Egypt, Jordan, Italy, the Congo, Côte d'Ivoire, Cuba, Nigeria, the UAE, El Salvador, Saudi Arabia, Montenegro and South Korea presented their credentials to the Russian president.During the recent weeks, Russia has experienced a new stage of the diplomatic crisis. Against the backdrop of London's accusations in connection with the poisoning of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia, the UK expelled 23 Russian diplomats. The USA and other countries of the West followed the example of Great Britain, whereas Russia took mirror measures in response. Pravda.Ru

USA's doomsday aircraft takes off, DEFCON 4 readiness level declared

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 16:49
According to CivMilAir monitoring website, the United States took to the air the so-called "doomsday airplane." The E-4B Nightwatch aircraft can be used as a command post in a nuclear conflict, if ground control structures have been either destroyed or damaged.The aircraft is capable of staying in the air for a whole week if air refueling is provided accordingly. The equipment installed on the E-4B is protected from damaging factors of a nuclear explosion.It is worth noting that situational codes correspond to the current tension of the military situation. The standard protocol in peacetime is known as DEFCON 5, which decreases as a military situation intensifies. DEFCON 1 corresponds to the expectation of an immediate full-scale attack, and has never been declared (except for military exercises). DEFCON 5 is a code designating conventional military readiness corresponding to peacetime (peacetime readiness).DEFCON 4, which was used today, April 11, 2018, is similar to the fifth level, although it stipulates for a higher activity of intelligence services. The United States had spent the Cold War under DEFCON 4 almost entirely. Pravda.Ru

Lula, political prisoner in a new right-wing cycle in Brazil

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 16:15
Lula, political prisoner in a new right-wing cycle in Brazil  Brazil is going through a long and busy process of institutional rupture, qualified as a political coup, articulated and developed by agencies located in the order of capital Brazil is going through a long and busy process of institutional rupture, qualified as a political coup, articulated and developed by agencies located in the order of capital, in the private apparatus of hegemony and in the State apparatus. It is the most severe, deliberately confused, and successful political action encouraged by the conservative and reactionary media; fostered by the militant leniency of the judiciary; by the practice of political organization of the Public Ministry and by a selective / directed behavior of the repressive apparatuses: Federal Police and the "slave" arm of the capitalist State in Brazil, PM.

Russia responds to Trump's bellicose tweets: Unwise use of 'smart' missiles

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 16:01
US President Donald Trump wrote another tweet, in which he confirmed the intention to strike a missile blow on Syria with the help of "nice, new and smart" missiles. "Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and "smart!" You shouldn't be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!" Trump tweeted. In another tweet, posted only 50 minutes later, Donald Trump unexpectedly changed his rhetoric and offered to improve the relationship."Our relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War. There is no reason for this. Russia needs us to help with their economy, something that would be very easy to do, and we need all nations to work together. Stop the arms race?"Moscow believes that the US should attack terrorists, rather than the legitimate government of Syria that also struggle against terrorism, official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said.Zakharova also suggested that the US may strike a missile blow on Syria to remove traces of the provocation in Douma, where a chemical attack is believed to have taken place. "By the way, have they notified OPCW inspectors that "smart" missiles would destroy all the evidence of chemical weapons on the ground, or do they want "smart" missiles to remove traces of provocation so that international inspectors have no evidence to find?" she also said.In the meantime, the Russian ruble continues its decline against major world currencies. On Wednesday morning, April 11, the dollar exceeded the mark of 64 rubles for the first time since December 5, 2016. The euro rate exceeded the level of 80 rubles.Trump's remarks about the attack on Syria contributed to the further decline of the Russian ruble and the Russian stock market. About Donald Trump's tweets about the USA's intention to strike a missile blow on Syria, the ruble was traded on the level of 65 rubles per one dollar and 80.5 rubles per one euro. Pravda.Ru

Russia and the West fly towards another Caribbean crisis

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 13:47
"We're playing a game of chess, but we have card-sharpers at table with us," political scientist Konstantin Blokhin described the political games of US President Donald Trump and British PM Theresa May in an interview with Pravda.Ru. The political scientist believes that it is possible to improve relations with the West only if the conflict escalates further, until the sides sit down at a table of negotiations to prevent an outbreak of a nuclear war.On Tuesday, April 10, British Prime Minister Theresa May told US President Donald Trump in a telephone conversation that one should not rush to strike Syria before obtaining tangible evidence of the "use of chemical weapons" in the Syrian city of Douma.Expert at the Center for Security Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Konstantin Blokhin, told Pravda.Ru that this is "a very tricky political game that both Theresa May and Donald Trump have demonstrated repeatedly. According to Blokhin, Trump has recently announced his determination to leave Syria, but now the US seems to be determined to bomb the country again. "Within one week they can make totally contradictory statements, so I would not make much out of Theresa May's recent remarks," Blokhin told Pravda.Ru. In his opinion, Russia and the USA are rushing towards another Caribbean crisis. "But I would not be particularly nervous here, because the rhetoric was the same when three carrier groups were deployed near North Korea, but Trump did not dare to attack the country," the expert added. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia closes airspace above Syrian coast

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 12:36
On April 11, Russian warships kicked off naval exercises near the coast of Syria, a message in the international notification for aviation personnel (NOTAM) and navigational warning for seafarers said.The message contains coordinates of the closed area and states the fact of firing exercises. The area of the exercises located in international waters of the Mediterranean is adjacent to the sea border of Syria. It will be closed on April 11-12, April 17-19 and on April 25-26 from 10 to 18 Moscow time.Russia currently has about 15 warships and logistics vessels of the Black Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea, including Admiral Grigorovich and Admiral Essen frigates(they carry Caliber cruise missiles), as well as submarines.According to The National Interest, the US Army is likely to use AGM-86B and Tomahawk cruise missiles, as well as F-22 Raptor fighters and B-2 Spirit bombers in the event the US administration decides to attack Syria. The publication also said that Russian S-300 and S-400 missile systems would not be able to intercept these weapons of the US Armed Forces.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russian-made Il-76 transport aircraft crashes in Algeria killing about 200

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 11:26
Russian-made Il-76 crashed in Algeria killing about 200, mostly military men. The Ilyushin-76 aircraft crashed 30 km from the capital of the African country. Causes of the crash are yet to be established. The Il-76 transport aircraft of the Algerian Aifr Force crashed near the city of Bufarik, about 30 km from the country's capital, Al Arabiya news agency reported. There were about 200 people aboard the aircraft, mostly military men. The Il-76 transport plane was carrying soldiers of the Algerian army. According to AtlasTimes, the aircraft was supposed to deliver about 200 soldiers from Bufarik to the city of Beshar in the west of Algeria, but crashed after take-off.According to preliminary data, at least 105 people were killed in the crash, including 26 members of Front Polisario, an organisation fighting for the independence of Western Sahara from Morocco.According to Algerian news portal Al-Hadat, the crash left no survivors.The press service of the Russian embassy to Algiers told RBC that there were no Russian nationals on board the crashed aircraft, because it was a domestic flight of the Algerian Armed Forces. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia will shoot down all US missiles and sources of fire, Russian Ambassador says

Wed, 04/11/2018 - 11:02
According to the Russian Ambassador to Lebanon, Russia will be intercepting all US missiles should the United States strike a missile blow on the territory of Syria. Russian air defence systems will be used to destroy both the weapons and the sources of fire. Russian Ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin said in an interview with the Lebanese TV channel Al-Manar that Russia would shoot down all missiles in case of US military aggression against Syria, RIA Novosti reports.Earlier, The New York Times reported that US presidential aides recommended the head of the White House to inflict a series of fierce attacks on several targets in Syria in response to the alleged chemical attack in the city of Douma, even though the fact of the chemical attack itself was never proved. US President Donald Trump said that the USA would make the decision on Syria in the next 48 hours. Almost immediately after his statement, several warships of the US Navy - destroyers and aircraft carriers - headed to the Mediterranean Sea. Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Champions: Barcelona in shock exit, Klopp rules

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 23:57
Champions: Barcelona in shock exit, Klopp rules Who would have said that Roma would stun Barcelona with three goals without reply? They did and Roma is in the semi-finals of the Champions League, along with Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool which beat Manchester City away 2-1, winning 5-1 on aggregate. Guardiola wins the Premiership this season. Next?   

Oil prices may collapse by 30%. Gold to go up by 20%

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 20:12
In the event of a full-scale trade war between the United States and China, prices of raw materials, including oil, may experience a dramatic decline. The drop in oil prices may reach 30%, metals will fall in price by 15%, platinum metals and silver - by 10%, Finmarket reports with reference to economist at Singapore's Oversea-China Banking Corp, Barnabas Ghana.Copper, which is often referred to as the barometer of world economic growth, has fallen in price by five percent since the beginning of the year - to 6,895 per ton.Gold, as a defensive asset that traditionally goes up during conflicts, may rise in price by 20%, Oversea-China Banking says. Earlier, US authorities announced the possible introduction of additional duties on imports of Chinese goods for a total of about $150 billion. The Chinese promised to respond accordingly. Former Minister of Finance, now the head of the Center for Strategic Research, Alexei Kudrin, said on Tuesday that higher oil prices that have recently been traded at around $70 per barrel will be able to protect the Russian national currency, the ruble. "The weakened ruble is helping Russian exports, and we have a number of industries that are likely to earn on the current rate. The overall balance will be good, it will not significantly affect economic growth," he assured, RBC says. Pravda.Ru

About 2.8 million people die at work every year

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 17:21
About 2.8 million people die every year worldwide in the workplace, representatives of the International Social Security Association (ISSA) said. Economic losses, according to experts, reach up to four percent of global GDP. The rate of occupational fatality in the world makes up about 2.8 million people a year,  ISSA Secretary General Hans-Horst Konkolewsky said during the Russian week of labor protection, RIA Novosti news agency reports.Konkolewski noted that health problems still remain the main cause of occupational fatality in the world. Only 15% of fatal outcomes at production occur as a result of accidents. Therefore, one needs to pay more attention to health issues, the head of the ISSA said. .The official also said that economic damage from occupational fatality in production makes up four percent of global GDP.In April last year, Russian Minister of Labor and Social Protection Maxim Topilin said that the number of fatal accidents in production in Russia in 2016 decreased to 1,832 people, which was comparable to the same index in the European Union.In 2017, the figure declined further, Toppling said. The number of serious accidents in the workplace decreased by 13%.In the US, as many as 5,190 people were killed in workplaces in 2016, whereas the rate in the UK in 2017 is a lot lower - 137 people.Pravda.Ru

Saudi Arabia: War with Iran unavoidable

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 16:57
Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman shocked the world by predicting a war with Iran in 10-15 years. Preparing for this war, Riyadh seeks to strengthen its positions in Central Asia and Azerbaijan to create a ring of allied countries around Iran. Saudi Arabia's expansion plan in post-Soviet space is likely to be successful, given the generosity, with which the Arabian monarchy spends its petrodollars. Analysts understand that 82-year-old King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud will fully transfer the reins of his power to 32-year-old Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.The young and vigorous Crown Prince has already announced large-scale plans to build a city on the coast of the Red Sea for 500 billion dollars and invest 64 billion dollars in the entertainment industry in the next ten years. The leaders of Central Asia and Azerbaijan are confident that would-be King Muhammad would just as easily give them large-scale loans or invest a lot in their economies. Riyadh eyes Central Asia The weakest link in Central Asia is Kyrgyzstan. This country has no oil and gas reserves and the deficit in the country's budget grows constantly. Kyrgyzstan counts on generous Saudi investment and loans, and Riyadh seeks to turn Kyrgyzstan into its strategic partner in the region and solve some of its geopolitical tasks with the help of the former Soviet republic. The ultimate goal for Saudi Arabia at this point is to isolate Iran. The Saudis have been gradually strengthening their ties with Uzbekistan lately as well. During the recent meeting between Uzbek Justice Minister Muzrafy Ikramov and Saudi Ambassador to the Republic, Hisham bin Mishal bin Suvayim al-Suwaylim, the parties agreed on signing a memorandum of understanding. In the near future, the sides will sign new agreements in the field of trade, economy, science and technology.The President of Kazakhstan also highly values friendship with the richest monarchy of the Persian Gulf. In October 2016 Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev made an official visit to Saudi Arabia, where he agreed with King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud about close cooperation between the two countries in the sphere of oil production and export. The Saudi monarch promised to invest heavily in the oil and gas production and processing industries.However, it is Azerbaijan that is likely to become Saudi Arabia's most important strategic ally in the region. The reason is simple: Azerbaijan borders on Iran. In addition, almost 40 percent of Iran's population - about 30 million people - are ethnic Azerbaijanis.There are many tourists from Saudi Arabia in Azerbaijan, who make lavish purchases to pleasantly surprise local vendors. Saudi Arabia was one of the first countries to have recognised the independence of Azerbaijan in 1991. It was Riyadh that helped Baku in the construction and restoration of more than 220 mosques in Azerbaijan. The Saudi Cultural Center was established in the capital of Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev had visited Riyadh twice: in 2015 and 2017.In turn, the former head of the General Intelligence Service of Saudi Arabia has recently visited Azerbaijan to participate in the Global Baku Forum. In January 2017, on the sidelines of the Davos Forum, Ilham Aliyev met with Saudi Energy Minister Khalid al-Falih. The parties discussed the possibility of cooperation in the oil and gas sector.Saudi Arabia has reportedly been trying to persuade Azerbaijan to become its military ally in the confrontation with Iran. In February 2018, a delegation of the Saudi military department headed by Major-General Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Fawwaz visited Baku. However, President Ilham Aliyev warned the Saudis that Azerbaijan was a member of the "Non-Aligned Movement", which means that Azerbaijan refuses to participate in military alliances.Today, Azerbaijan maintains equally warm relations both with Tehran and Iran's sworn enemy - Israel. To crown it all, Azerbaijan may gain considerable profit from developing friendship with Saudi Arabia. Most likely, Baku will continue the line of economic and energy cooperation with Riyadh without making any steps that may complicate Azerbaijan's stable relations with Iran. Aidyn MehtiyevPravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Viktor Yushchenko, Ukraine's ex-president, says what Putin is afraid of most

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 13:42
Former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko said on the eve of the eighth anniversary of the Smolensk air crash, in which the entire Polish administration was killed, that Lech Kaczynski "could deeply understand the importance of solidarity, which Moscow was so afraid of," the Polish Press Agency said. "Lech could deeply understand Poland's exceptional mission in the east of Europe," Yushchenko said recollecting his trip with Kaczynski to Georgia in August 2008."I believe that it was one of our most important missions, because we showed through solidarity that we were much stronger than the invader. We deeply believed that our joint strength was exceeding the capabilities of the Russian army, because we had truth on our side, and if so, then we had God on our side too," said Yushchenko. According to Yushchenko, there was little of such international solidarity when Russia attacked Ukraine in 2014. "We were missing it for a very long time. The political Europe is waking up only now and starts realising that Putin is not afraid of either sanctions or military force. He is afraid of our solidarity," Viktor Yushchenko said.Yushchenko could not help drawing an analogy between the poisoning of Sergei Skripal and himself: "These are ways of the struggle against enemies that Russia has always used. I understand the reasons behind it. My policy was not good for Moscow as it would alienate Ukraine from Russia, it was a pro-European policy. Without Ukraine, Russia will never be successful. Ukraine is the main condition for the success of the Russian state power project," the Ukrainian ex-president said.Yushchenko pointed out that for this reason the Kremlin occupied the Ukrainian Crimea and caused the conflict in the Donbass. "This is the price that we are paying for our rapprochement with the West. The tragedy that took place in the UK can take place again in any country. This is a threat to everyone of us. Understanding this is a great success," Yushchenko said.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia hopes reason prevails over insanity in Syria

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 12:54
Russian experts believe that there is no threat of a military clash between Moscow and Washington in Syria.Special representative of the Russian president for the Middle East and African countries, Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov said that "after all, reason should triumph over insanity."Russia considers the possible US attack on Syria unacceptable and expects that Washington will take into account Russia's warnings about grave consequences that will follow such an attack, Bogdanov said.According to him, there is a hope that "American partners are closely following the statements that come from Moscow." Earlier, US President Donald Trump said that after watching videos of dead women and children in Syria's Douma, he was ready for a "quick decision." Trump said that the USA would show a powerful response, but did not clarify when. Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

USS Donald Cook brings Tomahawk missiles next to Russian base in Syria's Tartus

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 12:31
USS Donald Cook (DDG-75), equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles, as well as the Aegis missile defence system, approached the port of Tartus in Syria. The port of Tartus is the location for the logistics base of the Russian Navy. The US destroyer is currently at a distance of 100 km from the port, CNN Turk reports.The destroyer left the Cypriot port of Larnaka and headed to the shores of Syria. Russian warplanes circled above the US warship four times.Chairman of the State Duma Defence Committee Vladimir Shamanov said that the United States did not notify Russia of the approach of the group of US warships to the Russian naval base in Tartus."A group of ships of the US Navy has appeared at a distance of 150 miles from the Tartus region. It is common in international practice potential participants of events in the area should be notified accordingly in advance. We have not been notified, although we had legally ratified the agreement on two bases in Tartus and Khmeymim," the official said."Moreover, US President Donald Trump said that he would think about the missile attack on Syria despite any resolutions at the UN Security Council. All this smells of something are outside the framework of universally recognised international norms," Shamanov said. Earlier, Russia's Ambassador to the UN Vasily Nebenzia said that the Americans would have to deal with  "serious consequences" should they attack Syria. "We have repeatedly warned the American side about highly negative consequences that may follow if they apply weapons against the legitimate Syrian government, and especially if the use of these weapons - God forbid, affects our military men, who legally stay in Syria," the Russian Ambassador to the UN said at a meeting of the UN Security Council. Pravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Syria: Choosing sides, facing logic

Tue, 04/10/2018 - 00:00
Syria: Choosing sides, facing logic I like to believe in the integrity of the emergency services, the police, ambulance service and fire service risking their lives in war zones to help others I like to believe in the integrity of the emergency services in any country. They are a large family, the type of person who works through vocation, risking their own lives to help others amd make sure that society functions. They are the same and hold the same values ot camaraderie whether they are from the USA, from the UK, France, Germany, Russia, China, Bangladesh or Syria. I am speaking about the Syrian emergency services. Not "White Helmets".

Douma chemical attack to trigger large-scale military conflict between Russia and USA in Syria

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 18:39
The US administration may discuss new sanctions to be imposed against Russia in connection with the alleged chemical attack in the Syrian city of Douma. Washington holds Moscow responsible for the attack and intends to exacerbate the crisis in the US-Russian relationship that may eventually end up with a direct military conflict with Russia in Syria, the Kommersant wrote on Monday with reference to sources in Moscow and Washington.Several non-governmental organisations, including Syrian humanitarian organisation White Helmets, known for its irreconcilable attitude towards the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, said that the chemical weapons were used in the terrorist-held city of Douma in Syria's Eastern Ghouta (about ten kilometres far from Damascus) on April 7. According to White Helmets representatives, as many as 70 people were killed and hundreds remain in critical condition as a result of the chemical attack. The head of White Helmets, Raid Al-Saleh, stated that it was a helicopter of the Syrian Air Force that dropped the bomb with sarin nerve gas on Douma. In other reports, however, chlorine was mentioned.Damascus and Moscow strongly deny the information on the new use of chemical weapons in Eastern Ghouta. According to Russian and Syrian officials, the news about the bomb stuffed with chemical agents was fake. On April 7, the US State Department blamed Russia for the alleged use of chemical weapons by government forces in Syria. US President Donald Trump later tweeted: "President Putin, Russia and Iran are responsible for backing Animal Assad. Big price..." Trump confirmed his determination to escalate the crisis with Moscow further. He also accused his predecessor Barack Obama of indecision. According to Trump, if Obama had resorted to military force the Syrian disaster would have ended long ago, and "animal Assad would have been history."The US will discuss new anti-Russian sanctions in the coming days in response to the chemical attack in Douma. Adviser of the American president, John Bolton, known for his tough line in relation to countries such as North Korea, Iran, Cuba and Russia, is said to deliver a special report at the meeting devoted to new sanctions against Russia. It was Bolton, who initiated another portion of sanctions against Russia, and the White House intends to discuss new restrictive measures already this week. The United States, Britain, France and a number of other countries convened an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council to discuss the latest incident in Syria. Russia also convened a meeting of the UN Security Council on the topic of threats to international peace and security.Against the backdrop of recent events, the US administration is likely to opt for a military scenario in Syria. Chief of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy, said prior to the incident in Douma that the Russian General Staff saw the efforts that the United States and its allies were taking in preparation for attacks on Syrian troops: groups of warships armed with cruise missiles have been created in the Mediterranean and Red Seas. Chief of the Russian General Staff, Valery Gerasimov, warned that in the event of a threat to the lives of Russian servicemen and armed forces, the Russian Federation would take "retaliatory measures both on missiles and their carriers."Pravda.Ru

Israeli general indirectly confirms attack on T-4 airbase in Syria

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 17:04
The Israeli military indirectly acknowledged that it was the Israeli Air Force that struck the T-4 Syrian airbase in the province of Homs.Ex-commander of the Israeli Air Force, Eitan Ben-Eliyahu, explained that Washington had no reason to hide the fact of the attack and had too little time to prepare the strike.In his interview to the Maariv newspaper, the general said that he had no doubt about the connection between the attack on T-4 and the use of poisonous substances in the city of Douma.According to him, Israel's goal is to exclude the concentration of Iranian forces in the region. There is an Iranian control center for UAVs at the air base.It is only the USA and Israel capable of striking such an attack on the Syrian airbase. "On April 9, between 03.25 and 03.53 Moscow time, two F-15 aircraft of the Israeli Air Force, without entering Syrian airspace, launched eight guided missiles on T-4 airbase in Syria from the territory of Lebanon," a report from the Russian Defence Ministry said. Three missiles reached their targets, five others were intercepted. Fourteen people, including Iranians, were killed. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia may revise trade agreements with USA in response to sanctions

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 16:38
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said that Moscow did not consider the new sanctions that the United States imposed on the Russian Federation legitimate and reserved the right to retaliate.Russia's responsive measures affect trade agreements wit реру United States, Dmitry Medvedev said at a meeting with vice premiers on Monday.On Friday, April 6, the United States imposed sanctions against a number of Russian businessmen and companies, as well as high-ranking Russian officials.On Monday, April 9, the shares of many Russian companies and banks collapsed as a result of the sanctions. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia's richest men lose $12 in one day

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 15:15
The collapse of the Russian stock market has caused the capitals of Russia's wealthiest men to shrink considerably. The total fortune of Russia's 50 richest people has thus shrunk by more than $11.7 billion, Forbes magazine said. Oleg Deripaska, the owner of Rusal (Russian Aluminium) has lost as much as $1.3 billion against the background of a sharp decline in the value of Rusal and En+ Group securities. Forbes experts evaluated Deripaska's fortune on Monday at $4 billion, whereas it was $6.7 billion before Forbes published its latest list of Russia's wealthiest people. Vladimir Potanin, the main owner of Norilsk Nickel (the company shares dropped by more than 15% on April 9), also lost $1.3 billion. However, unlike Deripaska, Potanin does not appear on the list of Russian oligarchs, whom the US Treasury categorized as those who "play a key role in supporting Russia's "malign activity." Viktor Vekselberg (minus $ 908 million) and Suleiman Kerimov (minus $ 813 million), who appear on the above-mentioned list, also appear on the list of those Russians, who suffered considerable financial losses because of the sanctions, which the USA imposed on Russia on Friday, April 6. The considerable decline of the Russian stock market on April 9, also affected Leonid Mikhelson (minus $755 million), Gennady Timchenko (minus $716 million), Vladimir Lisin (minus $578 million), Roman Abramovich (minus $534 million), Vagit Alekperov (minus $519 million) and Alexei Mordashov (minus $489 million).Pravda.Ru

Russian stock market, national currency collapse because of US sanctions

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 13:59
The index of the Moscow Exchange (formerly known as MICEX) has lost nine percent, the RTS index has fallen by more then ten percent. The decline was the largest for the companies, the top manager of which were affected by the recent sanctions that the US Treasury announced on Friday, April 6. The sanctions also affected metallurgical companies and participants of the financial market. On Monday, April 9, the Moscow Exchange  (former MICEX) index dropped 9%, the RTS index - 10.7%.The shares of the following companies showed the largest decline: Rusal (-26.7%), Polyus (-8.8%), Norilsk Nickel (-10%), Raspadskaya (-7.2%), Mechel ( -10%), En + (-17.7%), VTB (-6.7%), Sberbank (-6.8%), ALROSA (-7%).Rusal securities started falling on the Moscow Exchange in the morning of April 9 and were traded at a minimum of 15.04 rubles per share, which was 46% less than on Friday, April 6. The Moscow Stock Exchange suspended the trading and announced a discrete auction for Rusal securities due to a fall in the value of shares by more than 20% within ten minutes.On April 9, the ruble also experienced a considerable decline in value for the first time in months. During the day, when the USA imposed new sanctions on Russian businessmen and officials close to President Putin, the Russian ruble dropped by 50 kopecks vs. the US dollar. On Friday evening, experts promised that the decline will continue at a more serious pace.Since the opening of trading on Monday, April 9, the Russian started declining rapidly for reasons of geopolitical risks.Afterwards, the US dollar rose by 1.14 rubles reached the mark of 59.31 rubles per dollar for the first time since December 25, 2017. The euro rate has grown by 2.16 rubles and made up 73.46 rubles per one euro. This is a record fall for the Russian ruble rate for several months. In addition, the ruble has ignored a sharp rise in oil quotations.Experts believe that such a considerable decline in the ruble rate has occurred not only because of the recent sanctions that the USA imposed on Friday, but also due to other  imminent restrictive measures related to the chemical attack in Syria's Douma. Washington held Russia responsible for the attack, whereas US President Trump said that Russia would have to pay a "big price" for the chemical attack in Syria. In April 2013, the United States started imposing sanctions on a number of Russian officials, whom the US Treasury found involved in the death of legal adviser of the Hermitage Capital Management investment fund, Sergei Magnitsky. The original list included 18 people: they were barred from entering the US, their accounts in American banks were frozen. At the moment, the "Magnitsky list" counts 51 people.In the spring of 2014, the US Treasury issued a decree on imposing sanctions on Russia in connection with the conflict in the southeast of Ukraine and because of Russia's actions to reunite with the Crimea. The original list included eleven people, such as presidential aide Vladislav Surkov, presidential adviser Sergei Glazyev, Federation Council Chairwoman Valentina Matvienko, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin and others. They were banned from entering the US territory, and their bank accounts and property were to be blocked in case of detection. Subsequently, the list had been expanded several times and currently includes 205 people (mostly Russian and Ukrainian citizens. Pravda.Ru

USA vows to punish the whole world because of Russia

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 11:02
Representatives of the US State Department said that US authorities would take punitive measures against the countries and individuals who violate the sanctions regime against Russia.The US official referred to the law "On Counteracting America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" (CAATSA)."We are fully implementing CAATSA as intended by Congress and will not hesitate to sanction any nation or entity that violates the Act," a spokesperson for the US State Department said. The Countering America's Adversaries through Sanctions Act (CAATSA) was signed by US President Donald Trump in August 2017. The Act toughens sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea and warns US and foreign companies against making cooperation agreements or contracts with Russian defence companies and intelligence agencies.In accordance with the law, the US authorities are allowed to impose restrictions against clients of the Russian defence industry complex in the event major transactions are concluded.Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia blames Israel for missile attack on Syrian airbase

Mon, 04/09/2018 - 10:28
Tifor airbase, also known as Tiyas airfield or T-4, in Syria's Homs Province was attacked by two F-15 fighters belonging to the Israeli Air Force, representatives of the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement. "On April 9, between 03:25 and 03:53 MSK, two F-15 aircraft of the Israeli Air Force, without entering Syrian airspace, fired eight guided missiles at Tifor airbase from the territory of Lebanon," the message says. Syrian air defense systems could destroy five of those missiles, but three others reached the western part of the base. No Russian military men were injured as a result of the attack. Israel has not commented on the statement from Russia. Fourteen people, including Iranian military advisors, were killed as a result of the attack, Al Arabiya reports with reference to the Syrian Center for Monitoring Human Rights.It was originally believed that the attack was conducted by the US Air Force. It was also reported that the missiles flew from the direction of the Mediterranean Sea through Lebanon. Pravda.Ru Read article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Russia celebrates Easter

Sun, 04/08/2018 - 23:22
Russia celebrates Easter Today is Easter Sunday in Russia. We take a look at how this day is celebrated in the Christian Russian Orthodox tradition and examine how it is calculated. Today is a day of the celebration of the Rising of Christ (the Resurrection) but also a day of charity, giving to the poor, the needy and the orphanages. I would defy anyone to declare that the calculation of Easter is easy. It used to be based on the rough calculation of the Sunday in the week when the Jewish Week of Unleavened Bread (the Passover Week) occurred. In 325 it was decreed that Easter would fall on the first Sunday after the first full moon after the Spring equinox. But...

Saharawi Activists in Western Sahara: A tough Situation in a Hostile Environment

Sun, 04/08/2018 - 23:14
Saharawi Activists in Western Sahara: A tough Situation in a Hostile Environment The Saharawi media groups have a crucial role in their non-violence resistance in the conflict of Western Sahara. They are reporting truth and facts. As they become a credible source for other foreign media agencies, the Saharawi media activists as private citizens who have the right of protection from any verbal or physical harassment that may cause them harm according to the universal declaration of the Human Rights Chart, international humanitarian law, and other human rights conventions.  The harsh working environment of these media groups inside the disputed territory of Western Sahara is similar to various media situations whether in north Korea, Syria or other countries that have an armed conflict or political disturbance where the journalists could barely document scenes or even obtain information or have a free access to reporting freely. In Western Sahara, such a situation is no stranger to the Saharawi media activists who strive to report violations and unmask the true face of occupation. The international media outlets mostly get hindered from accessing the occupied territory by the Moroccan authorities while the regional groups are being caught and surrounded by the terms of aggressive actions in an unhealthy environment.

Lies are Washington's chosen path to dominance

Sat, 04/07/2018 - 02:45
By Paul Craig Roberts I have been waiting to see how long the British Prime Minister, the British Foreign Secretary, and the British Defense Secretary could continue to lie through their teeth before it caught up with them. The liars got away with their lies longer than would have been possible if there was any longer any respect for truth in Western governments and media.

Defense of Syria's Sovereignty and Self-Determination Receives Support in Cuba

Fri, 04/06/2018 - 21:09
Defense of Syria's Sovereignty and Self-Determination Receives Support in Cuba    Havana, March 29/2018 (PL) - The organization of Solidarity of the Peoples of Africa, Asia and Latin America (OSPAAAL) celebrated the 55 anniversary of the Revolution of March 8 in Syria and the 71 anniversary of the foundation of the Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party.

The Skripal Narrative and 'Western Values'

Fri, 04/06/2018 - 18:13
By Hans Vogel Last month, along with more than a dozen other NATO/EU member states, the Netherlands expelled some Russian diplomats. The justification for this serious step were the unsubstantiated accusations by the British government to the effect that the Russian government had tried to kill a former Russian double agent residing in England. In the meantime, the British narrative has become all but unraveled. By now, a month after the accusations were first made, the inconsistencies, inaccuracies and logical fallacies of Mrs. Theresa May and her underlings, duly divulged by British state-controlled media, are becoming apparent. Many are beginning to wonder how the government of nation with a long and proud history of sophisticated diplomacy could have been so stupid as to launch the Skripal fake news narrative.

USA sanctions Russian oligarchs and heads of state-run companies

Fri, 04/06/2018 - 15:53
The US Treasury has extended sanctions against Russia, a press release published on the website of the department said. The USA sanctioned businessman Oleg Deripaska, Senator Suleiman Kerimov, Director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies Mikhail Fradkov, Chairman of the Board of VTB Andrei Kostin and President of Zenit Football Club Sergei Fursenko.The list also includes Interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev, Gazprom CEO Alexei Miller and Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Konstantin Kosachev.The Americans have also imposed sanctions on Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev.The list also includes  of12 Russian companies, including Russia's defense export giant Rosoboronexport (even though the company was under US sanctions before), and companies owned by Oleg Deripaska.According to a representative of the US administration, the new measures come in response to Russia's "malign activity" around the world - in Ukraine and in Syria. A US official also said that the new sanctions come in response to cyberattacks that Russia allegedly conducted to undermine Western democratic societies. The list of the newly sanctioned individuals includes: 1. Andrei Igorevich Akimov, Chairman of the Board of Gazprombank2. Bogdanov Vladimir Leonidovich, General Director and co-owner of OJSC Surgutneftegaz3. Deripaska Oleg Vladimirovich, billionaire, who is considered to be involved in the case of Russia's interference in the US presidential election4. Dyumin Alexei Gennadievich, Governor of the Tula region, one of the three leaders in the rating of possible successors to Vladimir Putin as president of the Russian Federation5. Fradkov Mikhail Efimovich6. Sergey Fursenko (Alexandrovich)7. Oleg Govorun8. Kerimov Suleiman Abusaidovich9. Kolokoltsev Vladimir Alexandrovich10. Kosachev Constantine11. Kostin Andrey Leonidovich12. Leone Martinez Miguel José (LEONE MARTINEZ, Miguel Jose), an Italian citizen13. Miller Alexey Borisovich14. Patrushev Nikolay Platonovich15. Perez Alvear, Jesus, a citizen of Mexico16. Reznik Vladislav Matusovich17. Rotenberg Igor Arkadevich18. Shamalov Kirill Nikolaevich19. Shkolov Evgeny Mikhailovich20. Skoch Andrei Vladimirovich21. Torshin Alexander Porfirievich22. Ustinov Vladimir Vasilyevich23. Valiulin Timur Samirovich24. Vekselberg Viktor Feliksovich25. Zharov Alexander Alexandrovich26. Viktor V. ZolotovPravda.RuRead article on the Russian version of Pravda.Ru

Putin sacks 11 generals

Fri, 04/06/2018 - 15:28
On April 6, President Vladimir Putin dismissed eleven generals from the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Investigative Committee. The relevant decree was published on the website of legal information.Putin's decree also contains new appointments. The reasons for personnel changes have not been named, RIA Novosti reports. The following officials lost their positions: Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate for ensuring traffic safety of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Major-General Pavel Bugaev;Chief of the Research Institute of the Federal Penitentiary Service, Major-General Andrei Bykov;Chief of the Ural Law Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Major-General Alexander Guk;Chief of the Academy of the State Fire Service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Colonel-General Shamsutdin Dagirov;Head of the FSIN Department for the Udmurtia Republic, Colonel Vladimir Doronin;Head of the Investigative Department of the Sverdlovsk Region, Lieutenant-General Valery Zadorin;Head of the Investigative Department of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Lieutenant-General Igor Napalkov;Minister of Internal Affairs of the Udmurtia Republic, Major-General Alexander Pervukhin;Head of the Investigative Department of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Penza region, Lieutenant-General Oleg Troshin;Head of the Investigative Department in the Belgorod region, Major General Alexander Sergeyev;Head of the Investigative Department of the Pskov region, Major-General Oleg Tushmalov;Deputy Chief of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Volgograd Region, Major-General Vitaly Shevchenko.Pravda.Ru