Pope Accuses Sex Abuse Victims in Chile of Slandering Bishop

12 min 18 sec ago
Pope Francis’s defense of a bishop accused of protecting a pedophile priest cast a shadow over a trip meant to repair the Catholic Church’s image.

A Drone Saves Two Swimmers in Australia

2 hours 53 min ago
Lifeguards at a beach in New South Wales were testing a new drone when swimmers in distress were spotted and then saved.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Says That She Is Pregnant

4 hours 35 min ago
Jacinda Ardern, 37, who became New Zealand’s youngest prime minister in October, said she expected to give birth in June and then take six weeks of parental leave.

Egypt’s Sisi Fires Spy Chief as Shuffle of Top Aides Continues

6 hours 47 min ago
President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi appointed a close ally to the intelligence position, an abrupt move that comes just months after he fired his defense chief.

Congress, California, Amazon: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

7 hours 55 min ago
Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.

Roy Bennett, White Zimbabwean With Black Political Base, Dies in U.S. Helicopter Crash

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 23:15
Mr. Bennett, 60, was a coffee grower whose farm was seized as part of the land redistribution program of Robert G. Mugabe. He was a formidable leader of Zimbabwe’s main opposition party.

Police Bust a Chinese Mafia in the Country that Invented the Term

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 22:43
The crime ring was said to control movement of Chinese products in Europe out of the Tuscan city of Prato.

Arrested Former C.I.A. Officer Had Ties to Chinese Spies, Ex-Colleague Says

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 22:18
Jerry Lee, the former officer, had repeated contacts with Chinese intelligence both at the agency and afterward, the former colleague said.

Trump Rebuked China for North Korea’s Oil Smuggling. It’s More Complicated.

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 22:09
The opaque world of the global maritime industry makes it exceedingly difficult to prevent North Korea from obtaining oil, despite sanctions.

Smuggling Oil to North Korea on the High Seas

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 22:08
An American spy plane photographed what appeared to be an illicit transfer of oil from a ship leased by a Taiwan tuna magnate to a North Korean vessel.

The Interpreter: Building a Mini-State With Avocados and Guns

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 21:55
Tancítaro, Mexico, fought off cartels and established self-rule. Is it utopia, or warlordism?

Lebanese Intelligence Turned Targets’ Android Phones Into Spy Devices, Researchers Say

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 21:44
For more than six years, Lebanon’s intelligence agency spied on targets’ Android mobile devices and desktop computers using decoy apps and other methods, researchers said Thursday.

Crude, Yes, but Not Like Weinstein: French Man Sues MeToo Accuser

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 21:32
Sandra Muller started #BalanceTonPorc, or #ExposeYourPig, when she recounted salacious advances made by a former TV executive. He has acknowledged the comments but denies harassing her.

Gabon Says It Busted a Major Ivory Smuggling Network

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 21:00
Officials said they had dismantled an ivory trafficking network with links to Boko Haram in a region where poaching has decimated the elephant population.

Rising Oil Prices Buoy Russia’s Economy, Despite Sanctions

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 20:29
Rising global oil prices, which hit a three-year peak last week above $70 a barrel, are brightening Russia’s once gloomy outlook.

U.K. Asks, Who Pays to Prevent Another Grenfell Tragedy?

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 19:09
Many apartment blocks have flammable exteriors like Grenfell’s that must be replaced. Some owners say it is not their problem.

Can Philippe Jaroussky Help Fix Classical Music’s Diversity Problem?

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 18:49
The French countertenor hopes his music academy will attract a younger and more diverse crowd to the stage as well as to audiences.

Britain and France Discuss Deals to Limit Brexit Fallout

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 17:38
Emmanuel Macron and Theresa May were looking to reinforce cooperation on defense, security and cultural matters. But Anglo-French ties will soon be tested.

Warming, Water Crisis, Then Unrest: How Iran Fits an Alarming Pattern

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 16:59
A water crisis — whether caused by nature, human mismanagement, or both — can be an early warning signal of conflict ahead. Iran is the latest example.

Emirates Offers A380 a Lifeline, Signing $16 Billion Deal With Airbus

Thu, 01/18/2018 - 16:33
The European manufacturer had said it might end production of the world’s largest passenger aircraft, but the new order secures the plane’s immediate future.