Stephen Hawking quiz: The man, his life and his theories

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 15:13
Stephen Hawking quiz: How much do you know about scientist Stephen Hawking, his life and his theories?

Russian spy: UK to expel 23 Russian diplomats

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 14:59
They have one week to leave Britain after Russia failed to explain the use of a nerve agent against an ex-spy.

Amazon recalls fire-risk power packs in UK, Europe and US

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 14:19
Six models of the AmazonBasics product have been identified as posing a burns hazard.

Florida shooting: US high school students plan mass walkout

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 13:53
They will stop lessons for 17 minutes to remember the 17 people killed in Parkland a month ago.

Pompeo replaces Tillerson. Where does that take US foreign policy?

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:51
A look at key foreign issues on which new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo might sway President Trump.

Caribbean volcano Kick 'em Jenny: Ships warned off area

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:36
The alert comes as Kick 'em Jenny, in the eastern Caribbean, shows increased activity.

Mauritius President Gurib-Fakim refuses to resign over expense scandal

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:25
The Mauritian president is accused of spending thousands on a charity-provided bank card.

Angela Merkel sworn in for fourth term as German chancellor

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 12:19
Her new government is under pressure to get down to business after months of political deadlock.

Stephen Hawking: Scientist in the public eye

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 11:27
From meeting presidents to popes, we look back at some of Professor Hawking's most notable public appearances.

Sierra Leone election: Julius Maada Bio beats Samura Kamara in first round

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 11:26
Julius Maada Bio - who once led a military junta in the country - now faces a run-off.

Italy bomb: World War Two device forces mass evacuation in Fano

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 11:18
Some 23,000 people were moved in Fano, after the device was found during excavation work.

The best-selling scientist who battled motor neurone disease

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 10:19
Despite a crippling illness, Stephen Hawking became one of the most respected scientists of his age.

Google bans crypto-currency adverts

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 09:33
The search giant follows Facebook in censoring ads for initial coin offerings and trading services.

Philippines drugs war: Duterte to withdraw from ICC

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 08:54
The move comes a month after the court began examining the Philippine leader's war on drugs.

Shinzo Abe: Diplomacy and scandals heap pressure on Japan's PM

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 05:52
As US North Korea undermines the alliance with Japan, Mr Abe is also facing a mounting scandal back home.

Physicist Stephen Hawking dies aged 76

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 04:51
Professor Hawking was known for his ground-breaking work with black holes and relativity.

Test election held for Pennsylvania seat

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 03:48
The poll in a conservative area is seen as a test for Republicans ahead of November's mid-terms.

El Salvador woman freed after 15 years in jail for abortion

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 03:21
Maria Figueroa of El Salvador is released from jail after a 30-year sentence for murder is reduced.

How Russia uses propaganda to discredit opponents

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 03:16
In investigating how the Russian state discredits its critics, John Sweeney found some of the tactics were used against him.

South Korea gaming: Death by overwork sparks calls for change

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 02:52
Critics say "crunch time", an intense burst of work just before a game is released, can be dangerous.

Uganda's Makerere University: 'My lecturer tried to rape me'

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 02:19
A student at Uganda's Makerere University says staff harassed her when she reported an attempted rape.

'I want to explain arranged marriage to white people'

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 02:12
A Pakistani designer who made a board game mocking arranged marriage says the media mistook her real intentions.

Russia election: What do young Russians think of Putin?

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 01:47
The Kremlin has been focusing on getting young people to vote in Sunday's election, but many still say they will stay away.

Wrinkle In Time director: 'No one in films looked like me'

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 01:24
Ava DuVernay explains why her film about a girl's quest to find her father "loves a wider audience".

Rex Tillerson: Secretary of state fired by Trump in Russia warning

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 01:18
The secretary of state fired by Mr Trump warns of Russia's "troubling behaviour" as a parting shot.

The Eritrean runner fearing deportation

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 01:15
Amar is one of thousands of African migrants being told to leave Israel, or face arrest.

'Nappies are like clothes, it's a fashion thing'

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 01:03
How Mexican entrepreneur Ixchel Anaya launched a reusable nappies business that exports around the globe.

Dog dies in overhead locker on United Airlines plane

BBC - Wed, 03/14/2018 - 00:42
The United Airlines attendant ordered the owner to put a bag containing the pet into the locker.

Shoes laid outside the US Capitol in Washington represent young victims of gun violence.

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 23:51
Shoes laid outside the US Capitol in Washington represent young victims of gun violence.

Afghan sisters deported from Austria after landmark EU ruling

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 23:50
The sisters lost their deportation case at the European Union's top court last July.

Lebanon frees actor Ziad Itani accused of collaborating with Israel

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 23:40
A judge freed Ziad Itani and ordered the arrest of a security officer who built the case against him.

Trump inspects border wall prototypes in California

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 22:58
On his first visit to California, the US president discusses what type of wall he would like to see.

Trump personal aide John McEntee forced out - US media

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 21:55
Mr McEntee, who is reportedly facing a financial crimes investigation, was escorted from the White House.

Trump v Tillerson: The biggest bust-ups in a tough year

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 20:03
Rex reportedly called the president 'a moron', while Trump sought to 'castrate' his secretary of state.

Rex Tillerson: 'I will now return to private life'

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 19:42
A downbeat Secretary of State Rex Tillerson responds after being fired by President Trump.

Rex Tillerson fired: Social media on Trump's 'reality TV White House'

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 19:23
Social media users discuss the ousting of Rex Tillerson, and asks why Trump won't say his former catchphrase.

Florida shooting: Prosecutors seek death penalty for Nikolas Cruz

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 19:08
Nikolas Cruz is accused of killing 17 people at a school before escaping and visiting McDonald's.

Archaeopteryx flew like a pheasant, say scientists

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 18:34
The famous winged dinosaur Archaeopteryx, once thought of as the first bird, could fly, research shows.

Japan plans to lower age of adulthood to 18

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 17:53
If passed, the bill will allow 18-year-olds to marry and sign contracts without parental consent.

Women and their achievements feature on billboards in Iran

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 17:51
The unusual move by the Tehran Municipality has been welcomed online but some also want concrete action

President of Greek club PAOK Salonika apologises after coming on to pitch with gun

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 17:17
The president of Greek club PAOK Salonika apologises after he entered the field with a gun during his side's match on Sunday.

IMF says digital currency tech can be used against crypto criminals

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 17:06
IMF head Christine Lagarde says the technology behind crypto-currencies could stop their nefarious use.

Gina Haspel: Who is Trump's pick as CIA director?

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 16:27
She is named by the president as head of the spy agency, succeeding Mike Pompeo.

Russian Spy: Donald Trump to discuss Russian spy investigaton with Theresa May

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 15:35
The president says the United States could condemn Russia if the allegations are found to be true.

Self-flying air taxi lifts off in New Zealand

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 14:43
A firm funded by Google founder Larry Page has unveiled an electric, self-flying air taxi, developed in New Zealand.

Bertrand Cantat: Killer rock star pulls out of French festivals

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 14:36
Bertrand Cantat was convicted of killing his former girlfriend in a Lithuanian hotel room in 2003.

Mexico missing students: Key suspect arrested

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 14:36
The man is suspected of having had a key role in the 2014 disappearance of 43 students from Iguala.

Eye rolls and tame questions at China's Congress

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 14:30
Sycophantic questions and blocked posts are among the tools used to manage this political event.

Rohingya: Teenage life in world's biggest refugee camp

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 13:48
Faisal and Hassan are both Rohingya teenagers and both live with six others, but lead very different lives.

Trump sacks Rex Tillerson as state secretary

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 13:47
US President Donald Trump sacks Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, replacing him with CIA chief Mike Pompeo

Barack Obama's $6 dinner table preserved for posterity in Vietnam

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 13:34
A table in Vietnam where the US leader ate with US chef Anthony Bourdain is encased in glass.

Charles Manson death: Grandson to get body

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 13:31
A California judge awards custody of the death cult leader's remains to his grandson, Jason Freeman.

UN: Facebook has turned into a beast in Myanmar

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 12:56
A probe into human rights abuses against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar holds Facebook to account.

Dozens of students die as bus falls off cliff in Ethiopia

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 12:51
Reports say most of the victims in Legambo district were university students.

Faulty communication fears over Nepal crash

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 12:46
Experts say recordings show confusion between air traffic control and the pilot before the plane crash landed.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon's company signs up to use inclusion riders

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 12:00
The duo's film company will add the clauses to its contracts to improve diversity on and off screen.

Argentine navy rescues US scientists from Antarctica

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 11:44
The scientists and a contractor were carrying out research on Joinville Island in Antarctica.

National Geographic: 'Our coverage was racist'

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 11:31
The magazine's editor says past coverage propagated "every type of cliché".

Gaza blast targets Palestinian PM Hamdallah's convoy

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 11:12
Rami Hamdallah was unhurt and said the attack would not derail Palestinian reconciliation efforts.

The glacier that keeps collapsing

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 11:06
The Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina is one of very few globally that grows rather than shrinks

Conscripted K-Pop star inundated by fan mail

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 10:59
The army camp where the rapper is based has run out of ink and paper, says his management company.

Turkey army 'encircles' Syria's Afrin

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 09:11
Turkish army says it has surrounded northern Syrian town of Afrin as part of offensive against Kurdish fighters.

Tooth of ancient megashark stolen in Australia

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 06:20
The fossil was severed from a rock in a remote world heritage site, authorities say.

Russian spy: Deadline for Moscow over spy poison attack

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 05:55
Theresa May warns Moscow must explain its role in the Salisbury nerve agent attack or face a retaliation.

Nepal plane crash survivors describe chaos

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 03:37
They say the plane "shock violently" before crash-landing near the airport, killing at least 49 people,

Tracing sickle cell back to one child, 7,300 years ago

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 02:12
Once upon a time in the rainy Sahara forest a child was born with a mutation - or so scientists think.

Think you know Mary Magdalene? Think again

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 02:09
A new Mary Magdalene film sets out to refute the commonly held assumption that she was a prostitute.

US House Republicans find no proof of Trump-Russia collusion

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:27
Republicans on the House intelligence panel say Russia did not try to get Donald Trump elected.

Vladimir Putin: What does the world think of Russia's president?

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:23
People in 10 countries share their views of Vladimir Putin, ahead of Russia's presidential election.

The country where more than 70% of people are obese

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:20
Qatar is taking drastic action to help people lose weight and fight diabetes.

Australia fights drug addiction with plane flying lessons

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 01:19
A moment of fear in the air is part of a rehab programme in Australia.

Broadcom's proposed Qualcomm bid blocked on security grounds

BBC - Tue, 03/13/2018 - 00:44
Broadcom's attempt to buy US rival Qualcomm "threatens to impair national security", the President rules.

Sugar tax: The Norwegians travelling to Sweden for sweets

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 23:59
Here's why some Norwegians are making a day trip to Sweden to get their sugar fix.

Metropolitan Opera fires James Levine after sex abuse claims

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 23:56
The New York opera house says there is "credible evidence" for abuse claims against the conductor.

Austin police say deadly package explosions 'linked'

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 23:36
Police did not rule out the possibility of all three attacks in Texas being hate crimes.

Euro 2016: Russian in French custody over England fan attack

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 23:17
The alleged assault during clashes in Marseille left an England fan with serious brain injuries

Colombia calls ELN rebels back to peace talks

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 22:18
President Juan Manuel Santos reopens peace talks halted in January after a series of deadly attacks.

Oskar Gröning: 'Bookkeeper of Auschwitz' dies at 96

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 22:09
Oskar Gröning, a former SS man convicted in 2015 of being an accessory to murder, dies in hospital.

Russian spy: What is Novichok and what does it do?

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 19:52
Sergei and Yulia Skripal were poisoned by the nerve agent Novichok, the PM says. So what is it?

Syria war: Wounded 'to be evacuated from Eastern Ghouta' - rebels

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 19:47
A rebel group in the Eastern Ghouta says it has agreed with Russia to evacuate wounded people.

Deadly Texas parcel bomb attacks 'linked'

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 19:34
Police say they cannot rule out a hate crime as the victims in both fatalities were black.

Nigerian senator 'busts open' $37,500 expenses payments

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 18:55
A politician reveals he and his senator colleagues are paid $37,500 a month each for expenses.

Spanish boy Gabriel Cruz 'strangled' on the day he went missing

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 18:31
The main suspect in the murder of eight-year-old Gabriel Cruz is his father's partner.

Highly likely Russia behind spy attack, says Theresa May

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 18:19
The poison used was a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia, says Theresa May.

Dwayne Wade backs 'Parkland 17' art exhibit on school shooting

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 18:02
The 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting are honoured at a Miami art exhibition.

Hubert de Givenchy: A career in pictures

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 17:55
He founded the iconic fashion house and dressed some of the world's most beautiful women for decades.

Russian spy: Putin challenged over Salisbury poisoning

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 16:47
The BBC's Steve Rosenberg asks Russia's president if Moscow was behind the attack on Sergei Skripal.

Outrage as Ugandan MP says 'beat your wife'

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 16:30
A women's rights group wants Onesimus Twinamasiko to apologise and seek couples' therapy.

Beyonce and Jay-Z joint On The Run II tour confirmed

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 16:25
It ends weeks of speculation that the superstar couple were going on tour with On The Run II.

Trump-Russia: Putin criticised for Jew election meddling comments

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 14:48
Russia's president faces a backlash for comments about alleged US poll interference by Jews and other groups.

'Ocean Brothers' complete 3,000 mile row across Atlantic

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 14:31
Jude Massey became the youngest person to row across an ocean in a team of two after completing the trip.

French fashion icon Givenchy dies aged 91

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 14:15
French fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy, famed for styling Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy, dies aged 91.

Crossing the border for a sugar fix

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 13:51
Norway has led the way in introducing a sugar tax - but not everybody in the country is a fan.

The girl who convinced the Maasai to stop FGM

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 13:10
Aged eight, Nice Leng'ete was destined to undergo female genital mutilation. But she fought back. This is her story.

OJ Simpson: Fox airs 'hypothetical confession' interview

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 13:01
Simpson hypothetically discusses his role in two murders in an interview that was originally shelved.

Kathmandu airport crash: Plane crashes on landing

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 12:56
A plane carrying 71 passengers and crew has crashed on landing at Nepal's Kathmandu airport.

'Drone crash' starts forest fire in Arizona

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 12:42
Firefighters fought the grassland blaze for a day before finally bringing it under control.

EU 'will stand up to trade bullies'

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 12:04
Tensions continue over US tariffs on imported steel and aluminium imposed by President Trump.

Slovakia journalist murder: Interior minister resigns

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 11:27
Robert Kalinak resigns amid a political crisis caused by the killing of a reporter and his fianceé.

Florida shooting: Trump backs off on assault rifle curbs

BBC - Mon, 03/12/2018 - 11:00
White House plans in response to school shootings fall short of President Trump's public remarks.


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