Bitcoin heist: Iceland fugitive says he wants to go home

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:26
The man fled custody in Iceland and got on a plane that was carrying the country's PM.

India rape crisis: Twitter users rally round hunger striker

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 14:22
Indian Twitter users rally around hashtag "daughter in danger" in support of Delhi women's commissioner.

Liberia warlord 'Jungle Jabbah' jailed for 30 years in the US

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 13:54
One witness told the US court how he had ordered the heart of a captive to be cooked for his fighters.

Commonwealth countries where it is illegal to be gay

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 13:43
Many Commonwealth countries have laws in place that criminalise homosexuality.

Meesha Shafi: Pakistan actress says pop star Ali Zafar harassed her

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 13:25
Reluctant Fundamentalist actress Meesha Shafi says singer Ali Zafar sexually harassed her.

North and South Korea set up hotline ahead of summit

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 12:53
The leaders of the North and South are about to hold their first summit in over a decade.

France to ban use of meat terms to describe vegetable-based products

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 12:48
Makers of meat-free foods to be banned from using terms like sausages or steaks to describe products.

Lois Riess: Woman who 'murdered victim and stole her identity' arrested

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 12:43
Lois Reiss is arrested in Texas after a nationwide manhunt following the murder of two people.

Walter Moody: Alabama executes 83-year-old

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 12:17
Walter Moody was the oldest prisoner to be executed since the US reinstated the death penalty in 1976.

Tammy Duckworth's newborn makes history at US Senate vote

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 12:08
Tammy Duckworth's daughter, Maile, was allowed into the chamber after the rules were changed.

Why a coat worn to meet the Queen makes New Zealand swell with pride

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 11:49
New Zealand's porime minister dons a Maori korowai, steeped in tradition and cultural significance.

School shooting: US students to walk out on Columbine anniversary

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 11:19
Students plan the nationwide demonstration from 10:00 on the Columbine massacre anniversary.

Prince's original recording of Nothing Compares 2 U is finally released

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 11:18
The star's original version of the song was recorded six years before Sinead O'Connor made it a hit.

Is East Africa ready for kitenge Fridays?

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 10:04
The East African Community has recommended that people in the region wear colourful cotton fabric on Fridays.

Basque group Eta apologises for role in Spain conflict

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 09:42
The Basque armed group is expected to announce its dissolution next month.

Comey memos detailing conversations of Trump meetings published

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 09:11
Detailed notes by the former FBI director document sensitive conversations with the US president.

Kanye West announces two new albums, including Kid Cudi collaboration

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 08:11
The albums are coming out in June and follow the rapper's announcement that he's writing a philosophy book.

Do you know how to wear an oxygen mask?

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 06:05
Photos taken on board a Southwest Airlines plane following an in-flight emergency have caused alarm.

Syria returns Legion d'honneur award to France

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 05:52
The Legion d'honneur is handed back after France joined the US and Britain in air strikes on Syria.

Australia bank inquiry ousts first executive amid fee scandal

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 03:23
The head of the nation's largest wealth manager steps down over a damaging fee scandal.

Berlin set for mass evacuation as WW2 bomb is defused

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 02:57
An area including the city's main railway station will be cleared before experts defuse the device.

South Africa: Ramaphosa leaves Commonwealth summit to deal with protests

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 02:15
Cyril Ramaphosa leaves the Commonwealth summit in London to deal with violent clashes at home.

German swastika ticket row as Hitler play opens in Konstanz

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:32
Prosecutors gave the go-ahead for Friday's premiere despite complaints over a free ticket promotion.

'Greatest' distance runner showdown at London Marathon

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:29
Four of the world's top male distance runners battle it out at the London marathon.

Why this India priest carried an 'untouchable' into a temple

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:27
The dramatic gesture made headlines because Dalits have historically been denied entry into temples.

Europe migrants: Austria to seize migrants' phones in asylum clampdown

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:25
Officials want asylum seekers to hand over their devices to check their identities and where come from.

Five ways China's past has shaped its present

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:20
To understand China's approach today to trade, foreign policy or censorship, consider its history.

Africa's week in pictures: 13-19 April 2018

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:17
A selection of the best photos from across Africa this week.

The Amazon’s solar-powered river bus

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:14
How can you create public transport in the jungle without polluting it? The isolated Achuar peoples of Ecuador have created an ingenious solution.

K-foreign: The hidden Westerners in Korean drama

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:01
South Koreans dominate the K-drama industry, but what if you're a foreigner trying to make it big?

National Guard trio drummed out for sock puppet oath

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 01:00
Three Tennessee National Guard members are removed after using a sock puppet in an oath ceremony.

Lance Armstrong settles $100m US government lawsuit for $5m

BBC - Fri, 04/20/2018 - 00:39
Lance Armstrong agrees to pay $5m (£3.5m) to the US government to settle a long-running lawsuit that could have cost him $100m (£71m) in damages.

Senator Tammy Duckworth brings her baby to chamber floor

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 22:30
Ten-day-old Maile's debut on the august chamber floor comes a day after senators quashed a baby ban.

There's a clown running for US Congress. Literally

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 22:21
Steve Lough was a circus performer for 30 years - now he wants to enter the political arena.

David Copperfield forced to reveal magic trick in court

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 21:12
The American magician was ordered to reveal his trick in a court battle with an injured participant.

Bajau people 'evolved bigger spleens' for free-diving

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 20:49
In an example of human natural selection, Asia's Bajau people have evolved bigger spleens for diving.

Comey: No one around Trump to stop impulsive behaviour

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 19:09
The ex-FBI chief tells the BBC the US is becoming "numb" to the president's "impulsive behaviour".

Boracay: Paradise islanders fear tourist shutdown

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:54
The Philippine islanders are worried the tourist ban will destroy their livelihoods.

No charges over Prince drug death

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:48
No criminal charges will be brought over the death of US musician Prince in April 2016 - Minnesota prosecutors

Iran arrests official after youths dance at shopping centre concert

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:30
The head of Mashhad's Islamic guidance department had authorised a concert at a shopping centre.

Salisbury attack: Scientist Vladimir Uglev 'helped create Novichok'

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 18:00
Scientist Vladimir Uglev has no doubt the agent that poisoned the Skripals was made in southern Russia.

Swaziland king renames country 'the Kingdom of eSwatini'

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 16:43
King Mswati III declares a name change at events celebrating independence and his 50th birthday.

Cuba's Raúl Castro hands over power to Miguel Díaz-Canel

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 15:59
For the first time in almost six decades, Cuba has a leader who is not a Castro.

How an engine blast sparked an on-board safety conversation

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 15:34
Airline staff take to social media to complain about passengers ignoring their advice.

India video reunites man with family after 40 years

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 15:10
A former Indian soldier who disappeared in 1978 finds his family after they spot him on YouTube.

Banyan: Insecticide 'drip' to save 700-year-old Indian tree

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:36
Spread across three acres, the tree is reportedly the second largest of its kind in the world.

Lesbian mums can't register baby in Italy

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:31
Officials in Turin say they won't register a boy born to a Turin counsellor by artificial insemination.

What's the first film to be shown in Saudi Arabian cinemas?

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:28
For the first time in 35 years, Saudis are allowed to go to the cinema.

Frozen star misses Broadway show: 'Even Disney princesses get terrified'

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:26
Patti Murin, star of Broadway's Frozen, is applauded for opening up about her mental health.

South Africa rhino poaching: 'Web of corruption' blamed

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 14:10
Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, conservationist Jane Goodall and others urge more action.

Elon Musk: Walking out of meetings, and other advice from tech gurus

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 13:57
What do tech leaders like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos have to say about meetings?

Syracuse University fraternity suspended over 'extremely racist' video

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 13:53
Students at a New York university were filmed using "extremely racist", "homophobic" language, chancellor says.

Mohammed Zammar: German jihadist 'detained by Syrian Kurds'

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 13:19
Mohammed Zammar, who was linked to the 9/11 attackers, is reportedly being held in northern Syria.

The Commonwealth of Nations: Who's in the club?

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 13:14
Some members have left and joined the group more than once.

Texas emergency operator jailed for 911 call hang ups

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 11:27
Crenshanda Williams terminated calls from people including reports of robberies and murders.

Ex-Playboy model free to discuss alleged Trump affair

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 11:08
Karen McDougal reaches a settlement allowing her to discuss her alleged affair with President Trump.

Miguel Díaz-Canel: The man succeeding the Castros

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 10:59
Miguel Díaz-Canel is set to be Cuba's new leader after almost 60 years with a Castro at the helm.

Nasa's Tess: Planet-hunting satellite lifts off

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 10:42
Nasa's Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (Tess) searches for new planets.

Hans Asperger ‘collaborated with Nazis’ in WWII

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 09:59
A medical journal suggests the renowned autism paediatrician was a Nazi collaborator.

Skripal poisoning: The man who made Novichok

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 09:07
The BBC's Steve Rosenberg speaks to a retired Russian scientist who says he made nerve agents.

Art installation creates smelling pods of major cities' air

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 07:55
Five pods have reconstructed the smell of cities across the world. But there was a problem with one city...

US senators allowed to bring babies into chamber

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 06:55
The move comes after Tammy Duckworth became the first US senator to give birth while in office.

Top Japanese official resigns over sexual harassment claims

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 06:52
The high-ranking bureaucrat denies accusations he sexually harassed female reporters.

Commonwealth Bank charged fees to dead clients, inquiry hears

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 06:50
One Commonwealth Bank customer had been deceased for 11 years, an inquiry hears.

Southwest Airlines engine explosion: US orders fan blade inspections

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 05:53
Tests on fan blades come after an explosion on a Southwest Airlines flight that left one person dead.

Philippines' Duterte says he ordered probe into Australian nun

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 05:14
The Philippines leader accuses the Australian of "disorderly conduct", in a warning to foreign critics.

Moment mace is stolen in Nigerian Senate

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 05:11
Intruders stormed into the Nigerian upper house and took the symbolic mace.

Planet-hunter launches from Florida

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 02:22
The US space agency's Tess satellite lifts off on a mission to find thousands of new worlds.

A beginner's guide to negotiating with Kim Jong-un

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 02:06
Three experts explain how Donald Trump might avoid diplomatic gaffes and forge a lasting peace with North Korea.

Why many Nigerians give 10% of their income to the church

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:54
Many Nigerian Christians believe it is compulsory to give 10% of their income to the church. But some say this means poor people are funding the extravagant lifestyles of charismatic preachers.

Syria war: The online activists pushing conspiracy theories

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:52
As the investigation into an alleged chemical attack in Syria continues, one group is spreading its unsubstantiated take.

The battle over Colombia's coca fields

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:49
Despite the 2016 peace deal, the country's cocaine trade is still flourishing.

The young Holocaust survivor interviewed by the BBC in 1945

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:42
Hetty Verolme returns to the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp where she spoke to the BBC in April 1945.

Trump 'will walk out' if North Korea talks not fruitful

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:33
The US president and Japanese PM agree maximum pressure will be kept on North Korea.

The holiday village run by spies

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:25
An idyllic holiday resort on the banks of the Red Sea was a base for Israeli spies with a secret mission.

Manhattan nanny Yoselyn Ortega guilty of murdering children

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:23
The children's mother returned to find her two children's bodies and the killer stabbing herself.

Donald Trump's double threat to global free trade

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 01:09
The World Trade Organization faces challenges on two fronts that threaten the way it does business.

100 Women: 'Record number' of Nepalese women climbing Everest this season

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 00:55
A record number of Nepalese women are climbing Mount Everest this spring season, officials tell the BBC.

Puerto Rico hit by first island-wide blackout since Hurricane Maria

BBC - Thu, 04/19/2018 - 00:02
It is the first island-wide power outage since Hurricane Maria hit the US territory seven months ago.

The famous musician who drives a taxi

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 23:29
This Washington taxi driver has a big secret - he is a musical star who composes in his car.

Kansas militia men guilty of plot to bomb Somalis' mosque

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 23:05
The trio, who belonged to a group called the Crusaders, were infiltrated by an FBI informant.

Wrestling legend Bruno Sammartino dies at age 82

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 22:42
The Italian-American wrestler held the WWE championship for 11 years, longer than anyone else.

German police investigate anti-Semitic attack in Berlin

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 22:11
A video of the incident shows a man hitting the pair with his belt and shouting anti-Semitic abuse.

Texas house explodes after vehicle crashes into it

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 21:01
Officers responded to a call after a vehicle crashed into a home. Seconds later, the house exploded.

Barbara Bush: A life in pictures

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 20:51
The former US first lady, mother of a president and literacy campaigner has died at the age of 92.

Starbucks race row: Howard Schultz 'ashamed' of cafe arrest

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 19:59
Howard Schultz said Philadelphia Starbucks incident was "reprehensible" and "not who Starbucks is."

Ex-FBI chief on Trump: I'm 'the breakup he can't get over'

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 18:59
Former FBI director James Comey shares what it's like to be attacked by President Trump on Twitter.

'Total con job': Trump lashes out over Stormy Daniels sketch

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 18:22
The president breaks a long Twitter silence over his alleged affair with an adult film actress.

Cuba nominates Castro replacement

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 18:18
Cuba's lawmakers say Miguel Díaz-Canel is sole candidate to succeed Raúl Castro, bringing family's rule to an end

Autistic teen's Lego Titanic replica on display in US

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 18:06
The autistic boy says the project, which took over 700 hours, helped him to overcome his condition.

Belgium firms prosecuted over exporting Sarin precursor to Syria

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 17:34
The three firms say they did not know their exports of a Sarin-linked chemical to Syria might be illegal.

Southwest crash: Passengers praise pilot for safe landing

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 17:12
Tammie Jo Shults, a 10-year veteran of the US Navy, is lauded for her "nerves of steel".

Turkey's President Erdogan calls snap election in June

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 16:29
Presidential and parliamentary elections will be brought forward to 24 June.

Australians split over plans to trap urban peacocks

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 15:58
City councils want to stop the bird population from growing and damaging the local ecosystem.

London mayor: Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern are leading feminists

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 15:47
London mayor Sadiq Khan praises Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern for their influence on gender issues.

Douma 'attack': How do you test for chemical weapons?

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 15:22
Experts describe the challenges facing those investigating an alleged chemical attack in Syria.

A neighbourhood in Victorville, California, is besieged by tumbleweed

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:42
Strong desert winds have brought unwelcome spikey visitors to Victorville, California, US

Trump hails CIA chief Mike Pompeo's secret trip to N Korea

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:13
CIA chief Mike Pompeo formed a "good relationship" with North Korea's leader, the US leader tweets.

Taiwan accuses China of 'sabre rattling' as naval drill begins

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:09
China's one-day exercise follows warnings against independence moves by the self-governing island.

Barbara Bush: Tributes after former US first lady dies

BBC - Wed, 04/18/2018 - 14:04
Tributes are paid to a woman whose husband and son were both US presidents.



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