Jared Kushner: Security clearance restored for Trump's son-in-law

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 23:46
Donald Trump's adviser and son-in-law had access to top-level security briefings rescinded in February.

Iran nuclear deal: Khamenei lists demands for European powers

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 23:30
Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei says European powers mustmake up for the US exit from the agreement.

Texas school shooting: Pakistani girl's body returned home

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 22:49
Pakistani exchange student Sabika Sheikh was killed in the Texas school shooting.

Uber ends Arizona driverless car programme

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 21:54
Uber pulls out of the state two months after a fatal accident involving one of its autonomous cars.

Yulia Skripal: 'We are so lucky to survive'

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 20:48
The daughter of an ex-Russian spy poisoned in Salisbury makes her first video statement since the attack.

Evicted by his own parents, aged 30

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 20:33
A New York couple have won their legal battle to evict their son, Michael Rotondo.

Italy president names novice Giuseppe Conte as populist PM

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 19:28
The president names political novice Giuseppe Conte as prime minister in a bid to end 11 weeks of deadlock.

Trump-Kim summit 'depends on Kim' - Mike Pompeo

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 19:01
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says a bad deal with the secretive state is not an option.

Tesla Autopilot: Name deceptive, claim groups

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 18:55
Two consumer rights group claim the marketing for the driving assistant technology is deceptive and misleading.

Macedonia ex-PM Gruevski jailed over luxury Mercedes purchase

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 18:53
Nikola Gruevski was found guilty of unlawfully influencing officials in the purchase of a luxury car.

NFL clubs to be fined if players kneel

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 18:38
American football players to be fined if they kneel during the national anthem under new policy from the NFL

UK 'thief' held in woods hideout in France

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 18:23
The ex-British soldier, who is suspected of a number of burglaries, spent five months on the run.

Steam store school-shooting game 'appalling'

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 18:20
An anti-gun violence charity calls for a school-shooting video game to be dropped from Steam.

Trump lawyer 'paid by Ukraine' to arrange White House talks

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 17:58
Michael Cohen took at least $400,000 to arrange a meeting between Ukraine leader and Trump, sources tell BBC.

Ebola outbreak in DR Congo: Patients 'taken to church'

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 17:53
Two of the three patients who were taken from the treatment centre for prayers have died.

Sony says PlayStation 4 is in 'final phase' of its life cycle

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 17:38
The announcement is being seen as a sign that a new, more powerful console is on the way.

New York parents win legal battle to evict son, 30

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 16:29
Michael Rotondo has defied several eviction notices from his parents, who told him to get a job.

Turkish lira dives against the dollar

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 16:27
The Turkish currency hits a record low on fears over the government will meddle with interest rates.

Wael Abbas: Prominent Egyptian blogger 'arrested'

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 16:24
Police raided Wael Abbas's home in Cairo overnight and took him away blindfolded, his lawyer says.

Grenfell Inquiry: What questions will be answered?

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 15:40
Frankie McCamley explains the aims of the Grenfell Inquiry.

Maori facial tattoo slammed as cultural appropriation

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 15:19
How a non-Maori wearing a Maori tattoo kicks off a debate on the regaining of cultural identity.

Olof Palme murder: Swedish police explore 'new lead' in unsolved case

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 15:18
Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme was shot dead in Stockholm in 1986 and the case remains unsolved.

From the CIA to the NBA: The women making history this week

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 15:07
It's been a good week for shattered glass ceilings in the Land of the Free...

BMW cars found to contain more than a dozen flaws

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:47
China-based researchers are working with the carmaker to patch the security problems.

Paraguay tribe joins search for missing Austrian tourist

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:37
Wilhelm Wabnegg went missing on 2 May in the dense forests of a national park in northern Paraguay.

Philip Roth: A life in literature

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:34
A look back at the life of author Philip Roth, who has died aged 85.

FBI admits over-counting locked iPhones and other mobiles

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:17
The use of numerous databases resulted in individual iPhones being erroneously counted multiple times.

Steve Bannon on Newsnight talks Trump, racism and the Mueller investigation

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 14:09
Steve Bannon on Newsnight talks Trump, racism and the Mueller investigation.

Macron French reforms: SNCF workers vote down changes

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 13:53
As three months of strikes continue, French rail workers unanimously reject a raft of changes.

US warns staff in China: Beware of unusual sounds

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 13:32
The US state department says one employee in the country has reported mystery symptoms.

Saudi Arabia widens crackdown on women's rights activists

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 13:11
Ten people are now being detained, activists say, just weeks before a ban on women driving is lifted.

German firm apologises for 'racist' post linked to Meghan Markle

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 12:29
An image of a chocolate sweet in a bridal dress asked: "Wouldn't you also want to be Meghan today?"

Honduras plane crash: Private jet splits in half in crash landing

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 11:55
All on board survived the crash landing of the chartered jet flying from Texas to Honduras.

R Kelly: Too late to stop my influence

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 10:59
The embattled R&B star says it is "too late" for campaigners to erase him from musical history.

Santa Fe school shooting: Hundreds at Sabika Sheikh funeral

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 10:46
The funeral of student Sabika Sheikh, killed in last week's US school shooting, is held in Karachi.

First black female nominee for US governor

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 06:47
The candidate may become the first African-American female governor of a US state.

Author Philip Roth dies aged 85

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 05:39
One of the great American authors, Philip Roth, has died aged 85 - his works included American Pastoral and Goodbye Columbus.

Gavin Grimm trans bathroom lawsuit backed by federal judge

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 03:56
Gavin Grimm, who has been fighting his former high school's policy for years, says he feels relief.

Archbishop Philip Wilson to step down after sex abuse cover-up

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 03:20
Philip Wilson is the most senior Catholic worldwide found guilty of covering up clerical sex abuse.

US to ease crisis-era Dodd-Frank banking rules

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 02:16
Supporters say Dodd Frank reform will helps banks grow, but critics warn of a return to reckless behaviour.

Swapping the Colombian battlefield for the football pitch

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 02:04
Colombia's Paz FC was created to bring together people on opposing sides of the armed conflict.

Indian man tells how he was raped as a boy

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 02:01
"Akram" who was raped by a preacher at the age of 14, has revealed horrific details of the crime.

In pictures: Hitchhiking in the occupied West Bank

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 01:55
A photojournalist documents the risky world of Israeli “trempists” - Hebrew for hitchhikers.

How drones could help save lives at sea

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 01:51
The RNLI and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency trial uses drones to spot humans in distress.

US to lift ban on baiting bears with doughnuts in Alaska

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 01:40
Alaskan hunters may soon be allowed to bait bears with doughnuts and bacon and shoot hibernating cubs.

How to speak volcano like a pro

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 01:34
Making sense of terms like vog, laze and pahoehoe with the help of volcanologist Evgenia Ilyinskaya.

Man Booker International Prize: Olga Tokarczuk is first Polish winner

BBC - Wed, 05/23/2018 - 00:16
Olga Tokarczuk wins the £50,000 literary prize for her book Flights.

This is why those lynx are shrieking

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 23:36
Two lynx caught on camera howling at each other have the internet fixated. So what IS that noise?

US student's 'Summa cum laude' graduation cake censored

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 22:34
A high school student had his cake censored after a misunderstanding of its icing message.

McDonald's workers make sexual harassment complaints

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 21:50
Ten female staff at McDonald's franchises in the US have filed complaints of sexual harassment.

MH370 not deliberately crashed by pilot, say investigators

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 21:29
Australian investigators reject claims the missing passenger jet was deliberately crashed into the sea.

Trump-Kim summit: Commemorative coin sparks ridicule

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 20:18
The coin hails "peace talks" between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un but critics say it may not even happen.

Hawaii volcano lava flows into power plant site

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 19:57
Emergency crews remove highly flammable substances amid fears "a very deadly gas" could be released.

Myanmar Rohingya militants massacred Hindus, says Amnesty

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 18:46
Militants in Myanmar killed dozens of Hindus during attacks last August, says Amnesty International.

Zuckerberg apologises to European Parliament for 'harm'

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 18:27
Facebook founder faces questions from European lawmakers over data scandal and fake news

Italian populists' PM candidate Conte facing CV scrutiny

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 18:22
Giuseppe Conte, 54, is accused of embellishing his academic record on his official CV.

Palestinians demand full ICC investigation into 'Israeli war crimes'

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 18:11
The foreign minister submits a referral detailing what he says is evidence of alleged Israeli crimes.

New York parents sue 30-year-old son who refuses to move out

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 18:07
Despite offers of money and help finding a new place, the 30-year-old refuses to leave home.

Israel complains over Dutch TV Eurovision parody

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 18:01
A primetime TV show is criticised after it uses Israel's winning song to highlight violence in Gaza.

Is Trump administration losing the China trade war?

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 17:36
The president prides himself on his deal-making, but the Chinese are claiming the upper hand.

Sex abuse and the Catholic Church: What happened?

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 17:31
A complex and longstanding scandal explained, in less than 500 words.

Eagle Creek wildfire: Oregon judge orders boy to pay $36m

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 16:51
The boy threw a firework into a canyon, sparking a huge wildfire in Oregon that burned for months.

Google search reveals names of rape victims

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 16:41
Search engine promises to remove such sensitive content if people alert them to it.

Moscow stations get World Cup selfie spots

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 15:01
Moscow railway and underground stations will get designated spots for talking the best selfie.

Nine die as Tuticorin sterlite copper protest turns violent

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 14:57
Police opened fire when a crowd opposed to a copper smelter unit stormed government offices in Tamil Nadu.

Elon Musk admits Tesla braking flaw

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 14:29
Flaws pointed out in a review of Tesla's Model 3 have prompted Elon Musk to make changes.

Trump and South Korea's Moon hold talks on Kim summit

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 14:18
South Korea's leader is in Washington ahead of the US and North Korean leaders' historic summit.

Danish minister Stojberg provokes Ramadan row

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 13:18
Inger Stojberg suggested Muslims should take time off work because of potential safety risks.

Sweden sends out leaflets on how to prepare for war

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 13:15
A government leaflet sent to every household suggests stocking up on sardines, lentils and candles.

Panama says new evidence shows 1994 plane crash 'terrorist' incident

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 13:12
The country's president orders the case to be reopened after receiving Israeli intelligence.

F-35 stealth fighter sees first combat, in Israeli operation

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 13:11
Israel confirms the US-made jet, from the world's costliest military programme, was used recently.

Bodycam shows moment police arrived at Trump resort shooting

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 13:02
Video shows officers arriving on the scene at Donald Trump's Miami golf resort.

Belarus slams UK embassy over rainbow flag on day against homophobia

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 12:16
Officials accuse the UK of challenging "traditional values" as it marked the day against homophobia.

Tibet activist jailed in China over language campaign

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 11:06
Tashi Wangchuk was arrested after speaking to the New York Times about preserving his native language.

Nipah virus death toll rises in India

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 09:53
Ten people are now known to have died from the virus, a doctor tells the BBC.

Why Spanish speakers in US are getting into trouble

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 06:23
From border patrol interrogations to ranting customers, language and immigration take centre stage.

Doctors explain Michael Jackson's impossible dance move

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 05:52
Spine experts reveal the improbable dynamics of the "Smooth Criminal" lean.

Sony buys controlling stake in EMI record label

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 04:47
If approved, the $2.3bn deal will see Sony indirectly own about 90% of the record label.

Australian archbishop Philip Wilson guilty of concealing child sex abuses

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 03:15
Philip Wilson is the most senior Catholic in the world to be charged and convicted of the offence.

Prison without guards or weapons in Brazil

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 02:56
The progressive prisons rewarding inmates for studying and placing emphasis on rehabilitation.

'Living fossil' giant salamander heading for extinction

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 02:21
The world's largest amphibian is in "catastrophic" decline, with probably only a handful left in the wild.

Cuba plane crash: Mexico suspends Aerolíneas Damojh

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 02:21
Mexico suspends the operations of the company who owned a plane that crashed killing 110 people.

Turkey coup trial: Court to jail 104 ex-military for life

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 02:03
The president had said he backed reintroducing the death penalty for plotters of the 2016 coup.

The Gambian village transformed by graffiti

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 01:37
What happened when international street artists, who normally paint murals on urban walls, headed to rural Gambia.

'I want to be like Mo Salah'

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 01:36
Aspiring footballers in Mo Salah's hometown are taking inspiration from the Liverpool FC ace.

Korea: Hoping for peace at a fake DMZ

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 01:35
A replica of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) separating North and South Korea is drawing tourists.

North Korea summit: Pence warns Kim Jong-un not to 'play Trump'

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 01:12
The US vice-president warns Kim Jong-un it would be a "mistake" to think he could "play" Mr Trump.

Iran sanctions: Zarif condemns Pompeo announcement

BBC - Tue, 05/22/2018 - 00:19
Tehran dismisses Washington's promise to impose the "strongest sanctions in history".

Hawaii volcano: When your home's next to a lava flow

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 23:43
Hawaii resident John Davidson returns to his home to find lava flowing from a fissure nearby.

US policeman performs roadside C-section on wounded deer

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:10
The officer is being credited for saving a fawn after its mother was fatally struck by a car.

Kansas shooting: Adam Purinton sentenced for hate crime

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 22:03
Yelling "Get out of my country", Adam Purinton shot dead a tech worker from India.

Venezuela election: Fourteen ambassadors recalled after Maduro win

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:41
Fourteen ambassadors are recalled and the US threatens sanctions after Nicolás Maduro's re-election.

Iconic Hollywood film poster creator Bill Gold dies

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 21:12
Bill Gold had a hand in over 2,000 posters, including those for Casablanca and A Clockwork Orange.

Missing microbes 'cause' childhood cancer

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 20:50
Early exposure to microbes may help protect children against a type of leukaemia, says a UK scientist.

Clinton takes a dig at Trump with a Russian hat

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 20:01
At a Yale graduation ceremony, Hilary Clinton takes a swipe at US President Donald Trump.

US man keeps dog safely inside house he burgles

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 19:59
Police in the US release video of a burglar who helped keep a dog from escaping the family home.

Barack and Michelle Obama to make TV and films for Netflix

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 18:55
The power couple "will produce a diverse mix of content" for the streaming service.

Italy populist government pact: Candidate for prime minister named

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 18:48
Law professor Giuseppe Conte is the choice of the Five Star Movement and League to lead coalition.

Syria war: Army takes full control of Damascus after ousting IS

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 18:13
The military declares the capital "secure" after clearing a small enclave held by IS militants.

How Venezuela's crisis developed and worsened

BBC - Mon, 05/21/2018 - 17:34
As President Maduro is re-elected, BBC News takes a closer look at the crisis rocking Venezuela.



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