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I´m wondering if I should copy back the original 23:rd of February post here, or if I should make a new one.

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You are allowed to view all digital files but not to download them.
Example: Most web browsers has a function or add-on function, that allows you
to view any portable document file, directly in your web browser, without downloading them to your harddrive.
Since this is a library, you are allowed to view everything, but not to press down the download button.
That is according to international laws, a copyright violation.

Do you understand?
Compare it with a car.
It can be driven in 150 MPH or be used to drive over people at the sidewalk, but you are not allowed to.
Same goes here.
You are allowed to view the all the digital library files, but not allowed to download them.
Easy ha'?

At a physical library, you can loan a book, and then make Xerox copies of it.
At a digital library, your computer just makes it easier to copy the book or document,
but, as like hacking, it's not allowed.

Just because there is a ICBM LAUNCH BUTTON somewhere, you should not press it.
Just because there is a download button, somewhere in your computer, you should not press it !

Your computer is a modern communication tool and digital machine, it can be misused,
and you have to learn and adapt to handle it with responsibility.
Don´t press the download button.
It´s against the law.
-Viewing any of our files IS NOT against the law, and is accepted in all countries and territories.

We have a download for you, of a perfect web surfing program with inbuilt PDF reader,
giving you the chance to following the copyright laws here, and not become a ´pirate´.
It´s called Mozilla Firefox, version 46, and we use it ourselves daily, as our main web surfing/website programming tool.
The program is made open source, which means no code in the software, can be hidden from the professionals.
Do not update it, do not install maintenance tools, the version 46 is excellent.
[They are at version 52 now, but we keep our 46 version because it´s so nicely configured.]

Not sure yet?
Get in touch
with the program by clicking here,
or download the free Firefox web surfing program here !
[WINDOWS VERSION] from US directly. [Most recommended WINDOWS software,]
42 MegaByte. Viruschecked original software for free.

get the free library tour

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